Circular Design 101: A coffee cup made from recycled coffee husks!

The Huskeecup is the coffee equivalent of drinking a coconut cocktail out of a coconut… No, seriously! Each Huskeecup is, in fact, made from recycled coffee husks combined with a binding agent and molded into a reusable cup that’s impact-resistant, non-toxic, dishwasher-friendly, and uniquely pleasing to look at or even smell!

An estimate of 600 billion disposable coffee cups are produced worldwide each year, 99.75% of which are dumped in a landfill or the oceans without being recycled. What the Huskeecup does is solve that problem, while also looking at the humble coffee bean as a raw material. The fine folk at Huskee gather coffee husks discarded in the roasting process, and pulverize them before binding them together with a biopolymer and finally forming them into cups. Designed to be reused, the cups can either be purchased by coffee aficionados to use at home, or by cafés to serve coffee to their patrons. The Huskeecups come in a variety of styles and sizes, including an adorable set of 6oz espresso cups with saucers to match, or 8oz and 12oz travel mugs that come with sipper-lids made from the same coffee-husk material.

Apart from being eco-friendly, sustainable, and reusable, the Huskeecups are really designed to pair well with the coffee-drinking ritual. The cups come with a textured outer surface that’s comfortable to hold, while the material itself keeps your coffee hotter for longer. The cups are also far more durable than ones made from ceramic or glass, and are BPA-free and non-toxic, unlike plastic tumblers or plastic-lined paper glasses. Moreover, old cups that are broken or discarded can be repurposed into new ones, creating a closed-loop that ensures each cup has the potential to be recycled without generating waste, so you can drink your coffee guilt-free!

Designer: Huskee