A chair that transforms into a desk setup offers purpose through its duality!

The designers behind DUAL, a multi-functional, compact desk chair, and table, believe that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand – that for a piece of furniture to be fully-functional, it must first aesthetically fit into any given space. DUAL, created by Anshul Kumar and Gargi Wadnap, is a minimalist, multi-functional chair that can easily morph into a table and chair desk setup thanks to its space-saving stacking element.

The rustic, artist-in-studio appeal of DUAL hits home with the wooden chair’s natural pine finish and stainless steel stool attachment, offering a finished look that is both familiar and clean. The overall function of the chair is relatively easy to understand. When the stool attachment is stacked on top of the chair, the backrest can rise to its highest position to offer optimal support for your posture. The chair’s seat comes equipped with notches that coincide with and frame the stool attachment’s legs for easy stacking and the extra space between the chair’s seat and the stool attachment also functions as storage space for things like your laptop or lunch bag. In order for the user to transform the chair into a desk setup, complete with a table and chair, then the stool attachment simply slides into the largest cavity on the chair’s seat. With the stool attachment securely positioned in front of and attached to the chair, the backrest also slides down to meet the user’s new seated height.

DUAL offers dynamic adaptability for the busy creative whose ever-changing office could benefit from a multi-functional and compact studio chair that doubles as a workspace with a flick of the wrist. It’s also the ideally sized chair for those who live in smaller spaces, city apartments, or otherwise, but who want a chair in which guests can lounge and that can also function as a chair devoted to productivity during work hours. Whatever the case might be, whether you’re an artist looking for that multi-purpose chair to fit snugly in the corner of your studio or whether you’re reconfiguring the family room and are going for that minimalist, industrial look that’s so popular nowadays – the DUAL chair makes it happen.

Designers: Anshul Kumar, Gargi Wadnap