Your coffee grounds can now be woven into fabric! Say hello to the world’s first “Coffee” Jacket

I’m here to reinforce the common belief that practically anything’s possible in 2020 with this jacket, that’s made from coffee. Yes. You can apparently WEAR coffee now!

Coffee’s always been a fashionable beverage, but the Coor HELIX Multi-Climate Jacket makes it fashionable in a more literal sense. By partnering with Singtex (a company that upcycles coffee-grounds into a high-tech yarn), the guys at Coor developed a jacket that’s made to be waterproof, windproof, UV-protected, and odor-repellent (no, your jacket won’t smell like coffee). Singtex sources its coffee grounds from Starbucks (so there’s a fair chance your frappuccino made its way into a jacket), and in doing so, creates a fabric that isn’t just high-performance and durable, it’s good for the environment too, taking tonnes of waste and upcycling it into something more functional and desirable.

Without dwelling too much on its caffeinated origin, the HELIX Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket was designed to be the perfect outerwear for your outdoor trips. The jacket itself is both breathable yet water and wind-proof, keeping you comfortable in the cold or in the rain. A detachable hoodie keeps you ready for any weather, while a silver-infused face-mask prepares you for urban travel, allowing you to stay protected. Additionally, silver-infused fabric patches placed strategically around the head and mouth region of the jacket help keep you protected from microbes and germs too. Outfitted with 13 pockets on the outside and the inside, the HELIX comes with ample, insulated space to store everything from your phone, wallet, and sunglasses, to even your Airpods (thanks to a designated easy-access pocket near the zip). The jacket even sports its own set of accessories for convenient outdoor-use, including a dedicated phone-grip and tether to keep your phone connected to your jacket at all times, a whistle for emergencies, and a detachable hydration pouch for you to sip water through, right from within the jacket using a hidden sipper-straw. A Velcro strip on the shoulder lets you customize your jacket using embroidered patches, and a RECCO reflector that enables rescue teams to easily spot you during an evacuation.

The HELIX Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket even comes with an optional STORMFLEECE inner garment that you can either wear under the jacket, or independently out in the cold. The STORMFLEECE inner uses a special fleece-fabric (again developed by Singtex) that keeps you warm while wicking perspiration and moisture off your body. The fleece even comes with a 4-way stretch for added comfort, wind-resistance for when there’s a nip in the air, and industry-leading abrasion-resistance to allow your apparel to last longer.

The outer jacket, the detachable hood, and even the silver-infused mask all come made using Singtex’s proprietary coffee-infused yarn-tech. The coffee-grounds are compressed further to release oil which gets integrated into the fabric’s inner membranes, replacing the need for synthetic coatings and treatments. The overall fabric is tested to not only offer remarkable all-weather comfort (by being breathable yet wind and water-proof), but to also block UV-rays in the outdoors, and eliminate odor, allowing you to wear the jacket for longer without needing to wash it. YKK zippers on the jacket increase its lifespan, while the coffee-yarn itself is USDA-certified as a sustainable, biobased product… although that’s just information for you to know. To your friends, however, the Helix is just a really comfortable, functional, and fashionable jacket made from coffee!

Designer: COOR™

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Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket: Upcycled from Coffee Grounds

Made from coffee grounds, the Helix Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket encompasses the following key functionalities: breathability, insulation, water-resistance, wind-proofing, UV-protection and odor-control.

From fabrics, insulation to protective membranes, they are all from coffee.

Jacket for all occasions.

Functional Fabric

Smart Accessories


13 ergonomic storage compartments with minimal bulk.

STORMFLEECE – The Ultimate Transitional Fleece Piece

STORMFLEECE is lightweight compared to conventional 2 or 3 layer; exceptional wind resistance and breathability with efficient heat retention. Single layer means no foam and no adhesive in between. It also means dyeing the fabric once. That’s cutting back several steps in production – saving valuable energy and water resources.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $448 ($209 off). Hurry, only 18 left!