Convertible Shoes

So you’ve got a pair of shoes for the sun, right? Do you have a pair of shoes for when it’s raining so much you’ve got to slosh through the puddles? Oh you do? Well how about a pair of shoes that are BOTH of those things upon a quick adjustment? A cool designer by the name of REN Fangying has a design like that. It’s called “Sunny and Rain” and it works both as a pair or regular shoes AND as a pair of overshoes, whichever you need!

Hey guess what? These could be super fashionable. Just give a pair to Lady Gaga and watch them explode. Michelle Obama could do with a pair as well if you’d like the world to love em. And me? You’d give me a pair and the whole world would say uh oh, I missed the fashion craze if Chris Burns already has a pair!

Designer: REN Fangying