The swappable bits of this EDC screwdriver rescues you in any situation, big or small!

You’re stuck in a situation where a screwdriver would bail you out, but who carries screwdrivers in their pockets? Even EDC’s can be too bulky to consider carrying around in your pocket all the time. Move over-complicated EDC items, as James Brand is yet again finding that valued space in the pocket of your jeans in the form of a compact screwdriver. Yes, it’s a screwdriver cleverly disguised to look like a pen or a penlight at first glance.

Sure there are multi-tools that have screwdriver, knives, and a whole lot more, but do they have the screwdriver bits in case the only one available doesn’t fit the screw head? Most probably not. That’s where a compact screwdriver (no bigger than a pen) with multiple bits is really useful – instantly fixing your broken bike light or changing the batteries of an RC car in a jiffy. James Brand’s Cache River is a screw and bit driver on a bearing that comes in a set of 3 bits – Phillips #2 bit, a Torx T6 bit, and a Wiha slotted 4.5 bit – which should get you through any precarious situation. The tool is CNC-machined using an aerospace-grade aluminum billet, and then black-anodized for super durability. The bits attach to the driver seamlessly – after all, they have magnetic attachments and made out of chrome-vanadium molybdenum tool steel. The two bits that aren’t used at any given time rest inside the body of the tool.

James Brand puts a lot of thought into designing their EDC tools and this one is no different. Not only does it look good, but the ultimate purpose is also solved without a doubt. And yes, since it is so compact, they’ve been cheeky enough to fit a lanyard loophole for the keychain on the end-cap of this 3.9-inch compact screwdriver that weighs just 36 grams.

Designer: James Brand

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