These five different kinds of tables were built from seven different kinds of marble

I believe that the secret to a great home is an excellent selection of tables – whether coffee tables, side tables, or even console tables. Tables function as the centerpiece of any room, hence you need to pick ones that truly liven up your home, and set the tone for it. And, once the perfect set of tables has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, exquisite lighting, and elegant decorative pieces. They are all brought together by the right choice of tables. And, last month at the Milan Design Week 2023, I came across an exquisite collection of tables that are the right fit for your home – the FIVE x SEVEN collection.

Designer: BUDDE x SolidNature

Furniture design studio BUDDE teamed up with SolidNature, the leading global curator and purveyor of fine natural stone to create the FIVE x SEVEN Collection. The collection was unveiled at the Rossana Orlandi Galleria, and it features – two side tables, two small coffee tables, and a console composed of three high tables. The exclusive furniture collection was built using marble cut-offs, transformed into these stunning furniture pieces.

SolidNature has an ever-growing inventory of stone off-cuts that can not be used, and end up going to waste completely. To help tackle this issue, they approached BUDDE to use the leftovers to create innovative, functional, and contemporary furniture pieces. Although visually similar, each of the five tables of the FIVE x SEVEN collection was built using seven different types of marbles that were selected, curated, and sourced from all over the world – this is also the explanation behind the name. Pretty cool, no?

Clean, precise, and vibrant, the refined FIVE x SEVEN furniture collections beautifully represent the colors, textures, and characteristics of each of the seven marbles. Each matte table was built using fifteen slabs of marble, carved out on four sides, to create a mesmerizing yet simple shape, that accurately captures the inner natural beauty of the stone without any frills or tassels. The color palette of the tables is warm, neutral, and vibrant – all at the same time, creating furniture pieces with a unique and strong identity of their own.