Finally, A Retro-inspired Laundry Machine that Separates Your Clothes For You

Here’s a question that has inconvenienced young, money-conscious, and environmentally-conscious people for years: do we have to wash light and dark clothes separately? Is the risk of staining our nice office blouse worth paying another eight quarters to clean a small handful of white clothes?

Not to sound like a commercial from the early 2000s, but… Don’t you wish there was a better way to do laundry? The Split Drum washing machine has three separate sections, so you can wash all your supposedly “un-mixable” clothes in one load. The boards are also removable for additional flexibility. After all, not everyone has an equal ratio of dark, light, and white clothing in their closet.

In addition to solving an issue that has inconvenienced young adults for years, the Split Drum is very pleasing to look at. The white color and the gold accents give the machine a bright yet retro-inspired feel that I think fits the personality of many young professionals. The Split Drum is not an appliance that will be hidden away in a basement – because what young 20-something can afford a two-floor apartment? It’s more likely that the Split Drum washer will be a prominent fixture in a smaller home… so it might as well be easy on the eyes. I think the aesthetic design of the Split Drum indicates a deep understanding of the target consumer (aka myself). The only thing missing from this design is a Split Drum clothing dryer to complete the set.

Designer: Wanki Kim