Move Over Hair Pins!

The WiVes’ Table is a celebration of the perfect geometries of the triangle and its versatility of form. Though it’s one solid piece, it can not only be used alone but also customized with any tabletop desired, including a wood slab, slate, marble and more. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes, orient the base up or down, and add the top of your choice for a look that perfectly suites your unique interior.

Designer: J.S. Nero


  • Theo says:

    This title frustrates me… What does this table have to do with hair pins and why are they moving over for it?

  • sami says:

    Sorry to say It is an imitation of Finnish Ilmari Tapiovaara table designed in 1954. Still in production.

  • J.S. Nero says:

    Hi Sami- I’m sad to say wasn’t aware of this design when I made the WiVes’. It was designed as a solution to not having to use the ubiquitous hair pin leg. My table does differ from Tapiovaara’s though, my process of building lead me to a different method and material regardless of the visual similarity. The few major differences- I use thin steel and not thicker bent plywood pieces that were later veneered (please note the seams in his table, his table appears to be built as a tricomponent piece, not one continuous sheet as I use). Building with steel gives my piece, in my opinion, more dramatic lines/angeles, more functionality and more strength. The client has the opportunity to decide if they want more surface area by putting a wood slab or sheet of marble on top. Or stand alone. It appears Tapiovaara’s piece was meant as a stand alone solely. I am thankful for you leading me to his work regardless!

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