The Sealander trailer doubles as a boathouse too!

There are two ways to look at the Sealander Trailer/Boat. A. As a romantic getaway from land, and B. As an apocalypse-vehicle. Whether it’s wanderlust or the fact that rising sea-levels have practically swallowed civilizations, the Sealander is quite a convenient travel-accessory to have.

The Sealander is a 13-square-foot, 1,100-pound camper trailer combo that doubles up as a boat too, with the ability to travel at a cool 5 miles per hour in regular waters (it clearly isn’t meant for high-tides). With a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body, the Sealander is particularly light and strong, working well both on land as well as water, and the inner space comes with a table and bench that can be tucked away to turn the inner space into a reclining area that takes full advantage of the foldable roof to let you gaze at the sunset, and then the stars thereafter. If you’re looking to spend a day or two on the Sealander, it comes with wide set of optional accessories, like a kitchenette (as well as an outdoor grill), a fresh-water toilet, and even an on-board shower. Perfect for a getaway, romantic or otherwise!

Designer: Sealander