Cancer awareness starts at home


There are a very low percentage of people who actually discover cancer at the correct time and have it treated. Most people don’t take the cancer threat seriously for one of two reasons. It’s very difficult to self-diagnose, and having medical examinations or treatments periodically are highly expensive.

The Philips Skinscan is a domestic device that targets the world’s most common type of cancer. Melanoma or Skin Cancer happens to 1 in 5 people and is incredibly difficult and time consuming to diagnose, given how skin is the largest organ in our body. The Skinscan is a simple hand-held device that is capable of detecting and diagnosing skin anomalies to look for cancer. Operating the Skinscan just involves running the Skinscan across your body while it examines your epidermis. The Skinscan app for your phone tells you which parts you’ve covered, and which parts you’ve left out, so as to complete a full scan. If and when the device detects something suspicious, it switches to Impedance Spectroscopy to perform a more thorough analysis.

This could just as well be the first domestic cancer-detection device… A much needed step in the right direction!

Designer: Rebecca Daum