This modular hardshell backpack is shockproof and 100% waterproof making it ideal for photographers & travelers

Now here’s a combination of words you’ve probably never heard before. Hard-shell backpack, with expandable + modular storage, space for a 17″ Laptop, and an Anti-Theft chain. I’ve covered enough backpacks in my 5 years as a design blogger to know that there’s something different about the Xcube… it’s a serious, feature-laden backpack that absolutely means business.

The Xcube is pretty much designed like a tank. Its hard-shell case is strong enough for you to literally crack concrete over without damaging your belongings inside, while a waterproof and scratch-proof outer clad protects your belongings from any other external forces. It’s spacious on the inside too, with dedicated storage for laptops (as large as 17-inch) and tablets, and 15 different pockets for organizing accessories and EDC. The main storage space holds as much as 32 liters (in the larger variant), and allows you to use velcro-dividers to segregate items and create dedicated spaces for your cameras, lenses, drones, etc. If for some reason you run out of space, an expandable zip brings the overall storage up to 43L, just so you can store and carry more with you. The main storage space of the Xcube also fits its additional modular bags… a 10L MagicCube bag (ideal for drones) and a separate 2L sling. These individual bags can either be carried inside the larger Xcube backpack, or be used independently for extra storage, or for carrying just your essentials with you. They’re designed to be waterproof too, with YKK zippers to match.

The Xcube also takes its responsibilities of protecting your belongings pretty seriously. Aside from guarding it from damage by impact or rain, the bag comes with more than its fair share of anti-theft measures to prevent any loss of valuables. The main access to the bag is through a hidden zipper that sits closer to you when you’re wearing the backpack. For added security, a TSA lock lets you manually secure the backpack’s main zippers, and for quick access, concealed pockets and stash-pouches on the back-panel allow you to easily store and access belongings like your phone, wallet, or passport without being too evident. To protect the entire bag from the danger of theft, the Xcube even comes with a PVC-coated steel anti-theft chain and lock, allowing you to physically latch your backpack onto a pole, handle, or railing like you would a bicycle.

Available in classic black or space gray, the Xcube comes in a smaller 26L variant (which expands to 36L) and a larger 32L variant (which expands to 43L). The outer shell of the backpack comes made using a patent-pending C-SPII Shell Technology and is crafted from an ABS/PC polymer blend to give it its rugged strength and impact-resistance. The hard-shell comes with a flat surface that isn’t just easy to clean, but also doubles down as a makeshift desk for you to rest your laptop on! The backpack even features a USB-out, allowing you to connect a power-bank on the inside and quickly charge your gadgets through the bag itself – a feature that’s ideal for when you’re outdoors or traveling through an airport. Ergonomic backstraps further make travel easier, and a luggage pass-through strap gives you the freedom to secure your Xcube to a travel-case.

With a Red Dot Design Award-winning design, Xcube backpack accommodates for a myriad of scenarios, needs, and gear – whether you’re just commuting to work with a laptop, traveling as a photographer, going outdoors with a drone, or just taking a flight on a business trip with your work equipment. While its expandable form, customizable storage, and removable modular bags give you the freedom to carry any sort of gear with you, that hard-shell design, concealed zipper, and anti-theft cable give you the freedom of mind, knowing that nobody else will ever get their hands on your stuff!

Designer: Xcube Design

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Xcube – Modular Hardshell Backpack

The Xcube is a hard-shell backpack that is light yet sturdy, minimalist yet spacious, and the inside is fully customizable with 2 modules and Velcro dividers. It’s also expandable, waterproof, theft-proof and has 15 compartments. Choose between two options of 26/34L and 32/43L

Xcube Hard-shell Pack

Hard-shell Cube Pack

Features & Benefits

2 Meter Shockproof – Their patent-pending C-SPLL Shell Tech featuring Arial ABS/PC can effectively absorb shockwaves from the backpack being accidentally dropped from a height of up to 2 meters, safeguarding your valuables.

100% Waterproof – No matter rain or snow, the casing and even the zippers prevent any water damage to the contents. This also means the outer portion of the bag is easy to clean since you can just hold it underneath running water.

Doesn’t Give Way – Inspired by luggage cases, the hard-shell cover protects your items and maintains its shape, regardless of external pressures such as being crushed or squeezed.

Fully Customizable – Use it as bag to take to work, as your photography equipment carrier or take it when travelling. It has 6 Velcro dividers with which you can customize the inside of the bag.

The 180°Opening – Gives you easy access and visibility for packing.

Expandable – Has a fully expanding outer surface, which creates an additional 30% capacity.

2 Modular Bags – They included a compact and slim 2L Sling Bag and a 10L Magic Cube which fit snugly inside the Xcube. Use the Sling Bag if you only need to carry the essentials.

The 10L Magic Cube is great for storing other items while traveling.

Turn the Xcube into your Portable Desk – Just turn it round and you have hard surface to work on.

Innovative Strap System – Using structural suspension technology, the Xtrap relieves the burden from your shoulders and back, making it feel 30% lighter on your body.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $224 ($55 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $150,000.