MOFT’s portable floating tablet case turns your Apple iPad into an iMac

It’s rare for a third-party company to outperform Apple, but MOFT’s done a pretty good job of taking Apple’s floating iPad stand and making it both MUCH better and MUCH more affordable at the same time!

MOFT entered the limelight with the world’s thinnest laptop-stand, a light-weight razor-slim product that attached to the base of your machine, giving you the ability to dock it at an angle (for easier typing and better air-flow). With over 30,000 backers raising over $2 million for just that one product alone, it was certain that the company had found its incredible niche. They later went on to launch stand/grips for phones, tablets, and even a fold-out standing desk for laptops. While most of their products have been the combination of great ideas, great materials, and origami, the MOFT Float is different. It takes a more serious hardware approach and builds on Apple’s own floating stand for the iPad Pro, but offers more versatility in the form of angle and height-adjustments… and it’s 1/10th the price.

In its folded avatar, the MOFT Float looks and feels like any iPad Pro cover. It’s both rugged yet deceptively slim, and fits not one, but two friction hinges into its design, allowing you to open it out and pivot your tablet at any viewing angle as well as adjust the height to over 3-inches off the tabletop surface. The Float case comes with three modes of usage based on how you use the tablet. A Floating Mode gets the iPad elevated off a tabletop surface, perfect for longer, more natural viewing sessions like watching a movie, attending a zoom-call, or using the iPad as a makeshift laptop or a secondary screen for your primary computer. For more interactive usage, the Stable Mode puts your iPad directly on a tabletop surface, allowing you to tap/touch/draw on its screen frequently without having it rocking back or forth. Rotate the iPad 90° and it goes into Portrait Mode, giving you the freedom to use the iPad in its natural vertical orientation.

These features put the MOFT Float far ahead of Apple’s own Floating Keyboard Case, which only goes up to a height of 0.8-inches and doesn’t allow you to use the tablet in portrait mode…. and although Apple’s case does come with a built-in keyboard, the MOFT Float has its own set of add-ons, including a folding keyboard of its own (that’s roughly the size of a wallet when folded) and even an Apple Pencil case that snaps to the magnetic wireless-charging edge of the iPad. The folding keyboard that comes as an optional accessory with the MOFT Float offers much better functionality, with comfortable tactile keys, a touchpad located on the right, a battery that lasts for more than 80 hours straight, and most importantly, Bluetooth connectivity that lets you even use the keyboard with your iPhone or other Android/Windows devices. It’s rare for a company to outperform Apple, but no matter which way you slice it, the MOFT Float is just objectively a more versatile, comfortable, functional, lightweight, and affordable stand.

Designer: MOFT Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $59 (34% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $475,000.

MOFT Float – The “Floating” Case for iPad Pro

The MOFT float is a portable, lightweight, slim stand & case for your iPad that provides adjustable height and unlimited angles. It empowers a mobile but focused working experience anywhere.

With the built-in stand, the MOFT Float Stand elevates the iPad Pro up to 8cm to allow the body to maintain healthy posture straight, eliminating individuals from having to continually look down causing neck pain. The special double-hinge-design allows a 130-degree screen-rotation to make the iPad Pro adapt to individuals, not the opposite.

The hinge is made by light and solid aluminum alloy, offering a smooth and flexible experience. Even after being open and close for over 8000 times, it’s still as strong as the first time.

Floatable when you need it and make it invisible when you don’t.

Can be easily slipped into any bag when you’re ready to hit the road again.

3 Different Modes

Floating Mode – You won’t ever have to bend your neck down for hours during extended Zoom meetings, browsing the internet, or even watching Netflix.

Stable Mode – Quickly adjust the base to stable mode. Now you can immerse yourself in creation while enjoying a seamlessly stable experience. It is perfect for any creator who wants the most out of their iPad Pro.

Portrait Mode – MOFT Float is one of a kind that offers portrait mode that elevates your reading experience. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or even outdoors, read and enjoy at the perfect eye level, hands-free.

MOFT Accessories

Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad – So that you can build your own lightweight workstation anywhere you want.

Apple Pencil Gen 2 Case – A fully magnetic Apple Pencil 2 holder. It easily attaches to the Float using fully surrounded magnetic borders. The Pencil Case gives full protection to your Apple Pencil all the way. You can use it separately or attach it to the MOFT float.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $59 (34% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $475,000.