These egg-inspired earbuds were designed to be discreet, fit all sizes and replace your fidget spinner!

When was the last time you looked at earbuds and thought “cute”? When I saw Sevy, it instantly made me connect to the organic form and reminded me of that perfect, record-breaking, Instagram-famous egg.

Designed as a concept of truly wireless earbuds,  Sevy connects with you through its inherently warm aesthetics and easy user experience. “I was trying to create something which is fun to use and simple in nature. By making the design/product familiar to the user, the product wholly connects with their activity of living the events. Mimicking plays a major role in this part. So, this project is inspired by the natural form which is more simple and important,” says Pon. The earbuds can be controlled via various touch gestures on the surface as well as the Sevy app. Unlike AirPods, these earbuds are completely inside the ear – there is no physical component that protrudes outside so it is a lot more discreet and well-fitting. I also love how they come with a variety of silicone tip sizes because one size doesn’t fit all and was the main reason I switched from my AirPods to another brand.

The design is minimal and modern, the most interesting part is that the case opens like an eggshell. It also serves as a little fidget gadget because of its self-balancing form. The designer used rapid 3D prototyping to visualize and test the product physically with real users to address any concerns that came up with regards to ergonomics, usability, form, and function. Pon was also conscious to reduce packaging waste and thus designed sustainable packaging from recycled and recyclable paper material.

Designer: Sathiswaran Pon