The Swiss Army Knife of outdoor bottles lets you brew coffee/tea, or even infuse your water

There’s more you can drink on a camping trip than just coffee and beer, you know? It’s possible to have other beverages, both alcoholic and not, in the great outdoors… you just need to look beyond your portable coffee brewer and your beer-cooler. Yes, you could carry teabags, CapriSun pouches, juice-boxes, or a variety of other paraphernalia that would end up generating waste… or you could keep an All-Day Adventure Flask handy.

The All-Day Adventure Flask by Hibear helps you expand your options when it comes to drinking in the outdoors. To begin with, it comes with an insulated stainless steel body, functioning as a thermos that keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. The flask itself works as intended, but its split-body design lets you quickly unscrew the top of the bottle and invert it, turning it into a wide-mouth pour-over kit for your coffee. Just line it with a filter, fill it up with your grounds and you’ve got yourself some fresh coffee… but wait, the same setup works well for decanting wine too, aerating it to bring out its flavors and notes. The bottle’s internal glass finish prevents your wine from tasting like your pourover.

Aside from its split-top design, the flask even features a variety of modules that let you create a myriad of drinks outdoors. A mesh container lets you infuse water, brew tea, or cold-brew coffee, while a slatted lid turns the flask into a cocktail shaker. If you need to instantly chill a beverage, the flask’s thermal core fits right into it, bringing your drinks to the perfect chilled temperature without diluting them with ice. You could go ahead and drink directly from the bottle or just pop out the silicone tumbler built into the base for a nifty cup to drink from. The cup’s material withstands high temperatures and is non-toxic, making it a great drinking vessel for humans as well as accompanying pets.

For something this versatile, the All-Day Adventure Flask also comes with a robust, durable design, fit for the rugged outdoors. A Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2020, the flask’s outer body sports a powder-coated finish to give it a vibrant color as well as a protective layer from the elements. The inside of the flask features a non-breakable glass-finish that’s easy to clean, doesn’t impart a metallic taste to your drinks, and prevents the growth of mold. When you do want to clean the glass, it opens up to give you wider access for your hands. The silicone cup rinses easily under water, and the fact that it fits into the base of the flask allows it to act as a shock-absorber in case you ever drop your flask. Whether you’re at a campsite, a beach, trekking up a hill, or trudging through snow, the All-Day Adventure Flask gives you the gift of variety, letting you brew coffee or make hot-chocolate in cold weather, or have cucumber-infused water or a boozy screwdriver while you’re lazing in the sand overlooking the ocean. The flask comes with a 32-ounce capacity, a 5-year warranty, and is available in a variety of colors. It’s built to be carbon neutral, and the fine folks at Hibear even pledge to commit a percentage of the profits from the All-Day Adventure Flask to help the environment with 1% for the Planet. You can go ahead and say cheers to that with a beverage of your choice!

Designers: Mark Tsigounis from Hibear & Matic Lenaršič & Jernej Koželj of TAK Kolektiv

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $85 ($16 off).

The All-Day Adventure Flask by Hibear

The All-Day Adventure Flask crafts beverages from coffee to cocktails, yet simple enough to be used as an everyday water bottle.

The team spent over three years to optimize versatility through smart design. It is the solution to maximizing space and getting more out of the stuff you travel with.

Pour Over, Anywhere

Their innovative insulated lid inverts so that you can make pour-over wherever, whenever.

The blade gasket on the strainer creates a firm fit to prevent it from tipping over.

Cocktails by Campfire

Celebrate the summit with the only cocktail shaker built for the wild.

Fill it with your favorite beverage, mix in a few ingredients and shake it to a delicious drink.

Aerate, filter, chill, & leave the glass at home.

Tea Remotely

Mellow the mood with a green tea!

Cold Brew Off the Grid

The flask’s oversized steel filter lets you make super strong cold brew on the go.

Infused Water

Spice up your life with a little infusion of flavor to your H2O.


It’s simple enough to use as your everyday water bottle.

Easy to Clean & Durable

With an ultra-wide mouth and an internal glass finish to combat nastiness. Hands work really well with a non-abrasive sponge, cloth, t-shirt, or friend’s sleeping bag. Leave the bottle brush at home.

Glass Shield Technology – An unbreakable internal glass finish that protects against mold, flavors and smells.

Over-engineered for maximum durability –  The Flask is made of double-wall stainless steel and coated in a durable powder coat. It even has a silicone sleeve to protect the bottom against small drops.

Removable & Insulated Mug

Keeps colds cold and hots hot.

Thermal Core – Keeps colds cold without diluting them with ice.

What’s in the Box

The All-Day Adventure Flask and its complete components to get crafting!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $85 ($16 off).