This minimal turntable gives retro lovers a chance to flaunt modern furniture!

There is this thing about vinyl, only someone who owns a collection – big or small – would know. Yes, the glorious sound is one of them and you would agree to that, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is actually the overall experience with these fragile records that you just cannot have enough of.

If you know what we mean, you would be anything but lured by the fine lines and details of this luxurious gramophone. You’d be yearning for one to play your collection! Designed by Moiless, a studio that believes designing is like writing a novel – it’s about telling a story and expressing feelings. The atelier thrives on designing and manufacturing emotional items and their record player does just that for fanatics who cherish the conventional way to replay the sound of music. Featuring a seamless design it comes integrated into a wooden rack, which houses a speaker system right under the player, and has an opening to stack your vinyl collection below.

From how it appears, the deck here is pretty much plug-and-play. Moiless has it complete with a tone-arm and needle. All you would need to do is, fit in your favorite vinyl, balance the tone-arm, set the counterweight and let the built-in speaker engulf you in mesmerizing audio.

Designer: Moiless