A Savior at Sea


Multiple drownings occur every year due to man overboard situations…but with all the advancements in safety equipment, why is this till happening? Designer Corban Warrington’s findings revealed that time, poor visuals, human error and hypothermia were the leading contributors. His solution, the Guardian, addresses each of these issues in an effort to prevent drownings and save lives at sea.

The deflated raft is vacuum packed inside a capsule conveniently located at the back of the boat where t’s unobtrusive to the crew and easily accessible. In the event of a man overboard, a crew member may pull the pin of the capsule to release it using a compression spring, instantly deploying the raft into the water where it will self-inflate using a salt water activation system.

The raft has an elevated beacon that houses a water activated LED strobe light and Automatic Identification System (AIS) that allows crew members to know where the MOB is at all times. The elevated beacon houses LED strips that can be seen from 360 degrees all around. These ultra-bright LEDs flash a bright strobe light to allow for the raft to be visible in all weather conditions and especially at night.

Once the device has inflated and the victim has located the raft, they can climb inside where their body will stay elevated out of the water, reducing their energy exertion and preventing hypothermia while providing extra survival time. Additionally, the Guardian houses a thermal space blanket to increase the victims body temperature when needed. All these features combined, those at sea can rest assure they have the best possible chance of survival.

Designer: Corban Warrington