The most advanced GPS tracker has a 12-month battery and slips into your wallet

It won’t help you find your soulmate, but it’ll damn right help you find everything else. The AirBolt® is a tiny, guitar-pick sized tracker that’s best described as the most advanced GPS tracker for its size. Small enough to fit on your keys, in your luggage, in your wallet, or even around your pet, the AirBolt uses a GPS along with LTE-M and Narrowband IoT networks to help you track your belongings anywhere in your neighborhood or even halfway across the world.

Most trackers work on one of two technologies, Bluetooth, or Cellular. Bluetooth trackers are relatively cheaper, but have a major drawback of being limited to your device’s Bluetooth range. Cellular trackers on the other hand, use a combination of GPS as well as cellular triangulation to find your device. They require a much bigger battery, and need a cellular subscription to work, even if your lost object is just 10 feet away. The AirBolt on the other hand uses a newer generation of cellular technology that works on lower energy that needs charging just once a year, and without a subscription – if you’re searching for your lost item within Bluetooth range (you only subscribe when you want to expand your tracking range). It also has a built-in buzzer, accelerometer (so it knows when it’s on the move), temperature sensor, and water-sensor (notifying you if it’s underwater), and is designed to be weatherproof and waterproof.

The AirBolt tracker was built as a successor to the AirBolt TSA Smart Lock from 2015. Designed to track practically anything, from your personal belongings to your pets, the AirBolt builds on technology that allows it to work with a combination of incredible range and battery life, packed into a device that’s small enough to literally be confused for a guitar pick. The AirBolt tracker can secure around your keys, sit in the folds of your wallet, slip into your backpack or luggage, or even on your pet collar or in your child’s pocket. The AirBolt smartphone app lets you locate the tracker no matter where it is on the planet (allowing you to access its location history too) and even share the location with others in realtime. Moreover, you can even set geofences for your trackers, preventing your pet from leaving the compound, or separation alerts so your child doesn’t accidentally get lost in a shopping mall. Short of dropping your belongings into the Bermuda Triangle, the AirBolt should be able to make sure you never lose or misplace your stuff.

Designers: Kabir Sidhu & AirBolt Pty

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The AirBolt®: GPS – Global Tracking Like it Was Meant to Be

AirBolt® GPS is the world’s smallest GPS, LTE-M and NB-IoT tracker lasting up to 12 months per charge.

Features & Benefits

Small and Lightweight – Only 37mm x 34mm x 11mm (1.45″ x 1.34″ x 0.43″) and approx. 21 grams (0.75oz). This means it can be hung from a collar or slipped discreetly in a pocket or bag.

Rechargeable – 12 months battery life per charge.

Waterproof with Water Alarm – Waterproof up to 1m (for 30minutes) with a built-in alert to let you know when it has been submerged.

Fits Into Your Lifestyle – The AirBolt uses LTE-M/NB-IoT & GPS with the capability to provide immediate and accurate location updates on demand. The tracking range is global.

Never Lose Your Pets – Track them anywhere, keep them safe and put your mind at ease. Set up Geo-Fencing and Separation Alerts, so you will immediately know if they have left the vicinity. The alert button can send you a message if someone else finds your pet.

Keep Track of your Kids & their Things – Use on a child’s backpack. Perfect for when they start walking to school themselves, keeping track of sports bags, or locating school items that are missing or forgotten. If your child gets lost, a quick press of the alert button sends you their location immediately.

Separation Alerts – Set a proximity alarm to alert you if you move away from your belongings.

Share Access – Everyone can keep track of their own belongings. This is also a great safety feature when traveling alone – share your location with friends and family so they know you’re safe.

Simple Setup

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $150 ($65 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $700,000.