Earphones that magnetically hang like a necklace for the ultimate tech-fashion statement

Being an audiophile means you take the audio quality and ergonomic fit of your earphones pretty seriously. If you get one that is stylish too, then you are in for a jackpot. Having a pair of earbuds that come with a snug fit, boast style statement and the reassurance of not being misplaced is something you just can’t ignore.

We are talking about these earphones that are designed to double up as a jewelry piece. Designed by Yibai Science & Technology from Shenzen, these are called the “Jade Culture Earphone Jue 20.” That’s a bit odd name but everything else about these conceptual wireless earbuds listed on iF Design Award 2020 is super cool. When not in use, the earbuds magnetically lock together to take the form of a necklace pendant that’s suspended by the tethering wire. Then again, when you want to listen to your favorite tunes, simply separate the pendant and get groovy. Picture this scenario – your buddy compliments, “This pendant looks so cool, bud”, and you’ll detach them and plug-in to your ears to their amazement, “It’s my pair of earbuds, mate!” Added bonus – you surely won’t lose one of the earbuds as there is no accidentally falling down- speaking to you AirPods!

The earbuds are designed keeping in mind the ergonomic comfort while listening to music for an extended duration of time, which is a usual affair with music lovers. They come with the “half-ring in-ear” method for use in the listening mode. To give them a sophisticated look – both as an earphone and modern jewelry piece – the makers have draped the outer sculptural shape in high-polished material. The glossy finish in emerald green and gold color options is classy and doesn’t look tacky in either use case scenario. Don’t be surprised if these designer earbuds kick-off a new trend of electronic jewelry – in particular – for wireless earphones or even True Wireless Earbuds.

Designer: Yibai Science & Technology