The world’s first magnetically modular multitool lets you pick and choose your attachments!

For the first time, here’s a piece of EDC that really makes a lot of sense. The Windeler makes the case that you could have a 32-in-1 multitool, but do you really need to carry all 32 tools with you everywhere you go? No, right? The Windeler multitool brings an almost bento-box approach to EDC, allowing you to create modular setups based on the tools you need whenever you need them. On some days all you need is a good multi-purpose knife, on other days you may need a complete screwdriver set, and when it’s exceptionally sunny out, you might want to carry your bottle-opener with you. The Windeler multitool, designed by Douglas Windeler, gives you that freedom to pick and choose (and carry) the tools you need. The multitool features a unique neodymium-based interlocking system that lets you snap tools together to create EDC that’s customized to your needs. With as many as 15 different units to choose from (featuring over 20 tools), the Windeler can be infinitely customized based on your need, and even be rearranged based on what tools you’re more likely to use.

The Windeler’s most defining detail is its neodymium magnetic attachment system that lets you snap together tools to make the multitool you need. The tools snap satisfyingly together to form a single easy-to-carry bunch, and can either swivel out when you need them, or be snapped off and used individually for more complex tasks. This uniquely user-friendly design detail allows you to arrange and rearrange your multitool set to suit your exact needs. Spanning a variety of categories, you can actually build your own tool-stacks based on specific activities like bicycling, surfing, or outdoor camping, with tools that are tailor-made for each activity. With everything from hex-bits to screwdrivers, and from bottle openers and prybars to a drop-point outdoor pocket-knife, the broad catalog of Windeler’s individual tools allows it to cover a wide range of use-cases… and that innovative magnetic modular system lets you decide exactly what tools you want to carry with you, and in what order. What we have here is a basic launch range, which will be followed up with plenty of other tools and knives in the near future. This will give you an opportunity (in the future), to get each tool individually or customize your set.

The hallmark of a great toolset is its ability to withstand rough use. Constructed out of Grade 5 Titanium, the Windeler is built to take on remarkable degrees of stress. With a tough Plasma nitride coating, the tools are practically scratch-proof, corrosion-resistant, and guaranteed to last decades even with regular, everyday use. Besides, the fact that they can easily be snapped together or pulled apart makes them ridiculously easy to clean if they ever get muddy or greasy. The titanium construction not only makes the Windeler tools ridiculously tough, it also ensures your EDC is lightweight… so whether you’re carrying just 2 tools with you, or 10 units snapped together, the only thing that ever matters to you is convenience. After all, isn’t that what EDC tools are all about?

Designer: Douglas Windeler

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Windeler – A Completely New Class of Multitool

The Windeler is a magnetic, modular Titanium multitool system that lets you select the tools you want and leave behind the rest.

Windeler brings you hand tools that connect together using neodymium magnets. This allows you to assemble them in any combination to create your Stack. You can add and remove tools in one easy movement.

The Tools

Windeler tools are individual modules designed to be used on their own. Each tool can be paired with any other in the range.

Windeler tools snap together using a magnetic connection. The tools comprise of a body made of high quality material and a magnetic connector.

The Materials

The majority of the tools are grade 5 Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V). This material is lightweight, tough and non-corrosive.

The tools are Plasma nitride hardened to give them a super hard molecular shell.

Windeler uses the highest strength neodymium magnets encased in a protective stainless shell. The magnet assembly is then pressed into the tool body.

N52 Neodymium Magnets encased in Stainless steel armor and pressed into tool body.

Windeler tools connect with any others in their range but are designed to function on their own. Exactly as a hand tool should. The size of each tool has been carefully considered to maximize function for individual use. This gets around the awkwardness of standard multitools.

Building a Stack

Adaptable & Modular – You might climb, surf and cycle all on the same day or week. Their tools can assemble in any combination. You can carry one or take as many as you need for your activity. It’s a toolset that adapts to your lifestyle.

Use in One Easy Move – Each of their tools break out of the Stack for ease of use. Select the tool you need, pull it out in one easy move and off you go. When done, snap it back into the Stack.

The Stack Options

The Wild Knife – the hero of the launch range. It’s designed to be a versatile everyday carry item. A great all-rounder and very utilitarian. It’s super thin at 4mm and very light at only 35g.

– Blade: Drop point design. Hardened AUS10 stainless steel
– Handle: Lightweight design with easy central release button and ball detent. Large carabiner hole accessible when open and closed – Ti6Al4V.

The Everyday Stack – your go-to everyday carry stack. Lightweight, tough and utilitarian.

– Wild Knife: Drop point blade in AUS10 Stainless steel. Lightweight handle in Ti6Al4V
– Bottle Opener: Lightweight and slim – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Pry Bar: Tough and light. Pry bar and and large flat head – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V

The Hex Stack – a set of high quality, Titanium alloy Hex drivers. Lightweight and utilitarian. Designed to pull out and use individually. Carry them on their own or pair them with our other tools to create your ideal setup.

– Hex Drivers: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V

The Cycle Stack (short) – a lightweight and utilitarian cycle stack. Made from hardened Titanium alloy. Designed to pull out and use individually. Carry them on their own or pair them with our other tools to create your ideal setup. Weight – 50g

– Hex Drivers: 3mm Hex – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Chain Splitter: 3mm Hex key required – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Spoke and valve core tool: Tapered key slot designed to fit any spoke. Schrader and Presta valve tool. Valve extender tool – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V

The Cycle Stack (tall) – contains all the essentials for either a short blast or full on expedition. Sling it in your pack, pannier or saddle bag. You won’t even know it’s there until you need it. Weighs 100g. Made from aerospace grade, hardened Titanium alloy

– Hex Drivers: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Chain Splitter: Goes with 3mm Hex key – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Spoke and valve core tool: Tapered key slot designed to fit any spoke. Schrader and Presta valve tool. Valve extender feature – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V

The Surf Stack – designed to be with you from dawn patrol to evening glass off. Prep your board, paddle out and enjoy your session. Then relax with a beer on the beach when the sun goes down. Sling these tools in your dry bag, backpack, jacket pocket or keep it in the glove compartment of your surf wagon.

– Wax Comb & Stripper: Fits perfectly in hand – Glass filled nylon.
– Hex Fin Key: Designed to be used with 3/32″ Hex screws – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Flat Head Fin Key: Designed for a single fin setup – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V
– Bottle Opener: Lightweight and slim – Plasma hardened Ti6Al4V

Click Here to Buy Now: $93 $124 (25% off).