An Efficient, Safe and Practical Alternative to Woodburning Stoves


The burning of solid fuels such as wood, charcoal and crop residue for indoor cooking is unfortunately still commonplace in third world countries; the pollutants that these produce and the dangerously unpredictable nature of them leads to almost 4 million deaths each year. Wealthier countries have moved away from this dangerous cooking practice and onto a far safer and efficient alternative… LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Matheus Pinto identified this devastating issue and set out to create a far superior alternative, and the solution came in the form of ZERO. So, what is it? It’s an all-in-one stove that eliminates the need for wood burning stoves. The brightly colored, pop-out handles make transporting and moving the stove both safe and easy, while the four molded feet keep it stably planted on the ground!

Designer: Matheus Pinto


LP gas is among the two most efficient alternative energies and is more efficient than natural gas. In addition, an LP gas stove can be eight times more efficient than the coal stoves. Currently, the only way to increase easy of cooking is to move up the fuel ladder and most women aspire to next level up of fuel. Most women understand that the greatest ease of cooking comes with using gas or electric as your primary fuel source.


ZERO is a portable container of LPG designed to be used directly for cooking food.


It was designed to replace the wood-burning stoves, which are used in a large scale in developing countries.


The UN has recognized and it highlights the role of LP Gas in facilitating progress towards Sustainable Energy for all. Due to these reasons, LPG is ideal for rural homes, solving the problem of millions of people’s deaths in the developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.