How About A Shower In Your Backyard

For no apparent reason, for camping or simply summertime funk; the idea of a backyard shower sounds cool and sublime. Carry the canister out and hang it from a tree and indulge in some unadulterated fun! Fashioned as a plastic molded box, the can of the Portable Shower has a capacity of 12 liters. To enhance the pressure of the water flow, one can kick-start the pump with the touch of a button; which is powered with a detachable rechargeable battery. Pull out the spout end and get going wet!

Designer: Petr Hampl


  • Eivind says:

    A solution in search of a problem. There’s a simple, obvious and perfectly adequate solution for getting water from inside a storage-tank and out trough a nozzle of some sort, such as a showerhead. It’s called gravity.

    Detatchable rechargable battery ? Thanks, but no thanks.

  • yoyoMan says:

    These exist and they’re less bulky and black to use the sun to heat the water.

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