In Case Of Fire, Just Use The Hammer

Adding a definitive edge to the regular fire extinguisher, we have here the Fire Hammer, a life-protecting tool. The shape of this extinguisher takes into account scenarios of victims being trapped in locked rooms or hard-to-get-out of places. One end of the extinguisher is fashioned in such a way that it can be used to hack and hammer your way through locked doors and glass barriers. The idea is to provide an easy escape during emergency situations.

Designers: Jiang Jiongfan, Lin Shuang, Xue Rui & Zha Lianghao


  • Derrick says:

    There was a similar concept on Yanko that had the exact same functionality.

  • racoon says:

    wow. is it just me, or are there a lot of fire extinguisher concepts out there?
    (and all by asians)

  • racoon says:

    also, explain to me why there are so many designs that suggest similar functionality but don’t exist yet? just seems strange to abandon something with potential at the concept level, don’t you think?

  • jonsen says:

    Yanko has partnered with Red Dot, and also is a part of CKIE, providing people with all sorts of tools to showcase, materialize and market their designs. It depends on the designer to take it forward. I’m sure Yanko would be ecstatic to see these concepts come to reality. The sad truth is, some designers don’t take the extra effort.

  • jonsen says:

    Message to all designers. Please have confidence in your designs and take them forward. I’m sure the experience will be nothing short of rewarding.

  • Alina Sweet says:

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  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce.

  • Additionally, generating concepts which irritate the user into adopting an eco-friendly approach is hardly the best solution. The user has no intention to step into a shower that keeps shutting down mid-bath. The solution will, with time, fail itself by becoming annoying

  • Wow wow wow again

  • i like it. but i don’t know why i couldn’t just use an ordinary hook?

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