Two Flashlights In One, And Some Florescent Magic

The Emergency Flashlight is meant for a grab-me-on-the-way-out emergency situation. What it features is a single flashlight tube that splits up into two and is connected via s florescent rope. The two split-up tubes work as powerful independent flashlights and the rope in between the two is used as a safety guide. The user scenario would be something like this; two responsible adults hold on to the two lights and the elderly and children hang on to the luminescent rope. Ideally the designer would be right with this concept, but in real-life situation, panic, stampedes and running at different paces may hamper this user-scene evacuation process. A lot of self discipline would be required on the part of the users, to not just rush our blindly. Human nature I guess!

Designers: Kyubaek Kim and Minhee Jung