This laptop desk is cushioned, has storage space & makes working from couch more ergonomic!

Let’s be real – we spend a lot of time in the day figuring out the most comfortable work-from-home position because the bed is where we start slouching into a nap and the desk is too upright. Tony Heap was going through a similar problem and after making a makeshift laptop desk that let him work from his couch, he made it even better by adding in storage and taking care of ergonomics. Heap, really heard our cries for a comfortable laptop desk and that’s how LAPOD (laptop desk + storage pod) was born!

Whether you’re a digital nomad or a remote worker, LAPOD allows you to easily and comfortably work from anywhere. The lap desk holds all accessories such as chargers, cables, portable drives, without adding clutter to your ouch or side tables. The storage pod is also cushioned to make it comfortable when it is on your lap. No more balancing your laptop on your knee, battery indicator flashing, juggling charger, and plug while searching your bag for your earbuds to take that incoming video call!

The gentle sweeping ergonomic shape is the result of a carefully considered form designed to fit you just as well as fit your things. Raising your work up off your lap reduces wrist angle and neck-craning. “Ergonomically, we work in a multitude of different positions: sitting upright or reclined, knees together or spread, maybe one leg over the other, or sitting cross-legged yogi-style in the lotus position. To add to this, we aren’t really designed to stay sitting still, so it’s often a combination of all of the above in some sort of human posture shuffle,” adds Heap.

Single-handedly access whatever you have inside the storage pod without disturbing whatever you have on top of your desk. Need to plug into portable drives or power packs? LAPOD’s simple cable routing slot has you covered. It also features a cutaway slot in the work surface that allows you to run cables or charge batteries without navigating a ‘spaghetti junction’ at your feet or losing any valuable desk space.

Heap believes that balancing the often diverging properties is key to great material selection and development. LAPOD’s storage pod is made from high-quality rigid P.E.T. felt as it is super durable while being tactile and aesthetically pleasing. The desk is slim, lightweight, resilient, and completely hand washable. This lap desk is currently topping our list of work-from-home essentials!

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Designer: Tony Heap