The Quilt beacon + app create a virtual mesh network to maintain communication during disasters

The internet may fail, telecom services may get cut off, but Quilt’s virtual meshing system will help broadcast messages, distress signals, public service announcements, and crucial information anywhere, whenever needed. Quilt is an ad-hoc mesh network built by the Quilt App and Quilt Beacon. In short, it relies on multiple phones with the Quilt app installed, and multiple Quilt beacons to build its own network that operates independently of telecom companies and internet services. If you’ve got the Quilt app installed, or the Quilt beacon device in your home, you’re always alerted when there’s something that needs your attention. If it’s a flood alert, an upcoming storm, an earthquake warning, or even a fire somewhere in the neighborhood, Quilt’s own network of devices will help pass on the message to everyone, keeping them aware.

Quilt’s entire system works on two devices that help it target different users. The app works wonderfully for most people, helping them get updates and alerts on their phone, while also allowing them to request help in terms of services, supplies, or even shelter. The Quilt beacon, on the other hand, is designed more for people who are unable to use smartphones. Targeted mainly at the elderly and the disabled, the Quilt beacon is a lot like a smart-speaker, updating you with a notification light and voice alerts, while even allowing you to talk to it to receive aid or to notify others that you’re safe. Being a part of the Quilt network, through the app or the beacon, even helps assistance reach you, whether it’s emergency services, local aid, or even governmental aid. Designed to be like a security blanket that covers the neighborhood (hence the name Quilt), this virtual network works without fail, since it doesn’t depend on a company or any expensive hardware. Instead, it pools in resources by connecting multiple devices together, emblematic of how a society or a neighborhood should really function.

Quilt currently exists as a concept created by New Deal Design, although the project is currently in its research and development phase. The studio is actively looking for partners, both private and public, to help lay the groundwork so we can unite and respond to the next emergency situation with efficiency to save as many lives as possible.

Designer New Deal Design