No Cartoon Hill Too Comical for this Buggy

How many times have you watched a silly cartoon where a stroller or buggie rolls away from a mother, only to be narrowly avoided by an oncoming vehicle? Like a billion, probably. In less wonderful news, this sort of thing does actually happen. And quite often in Australia, according to designer James William Wansey! So he’s made this fantastic little device to stay the cart!

What this little contraption does is sit inside the wheel (or in the bigger scheme of things, it is part of the wheel in a UGO stroller), while its paired controller is held by the parent. If the parent’s controller gets too far away from the stroller, the device pumps the brakes.

The distance? Two meters. Wireless communication between the device and its controller. Brakes powered by the rotation of the wheel, device completely contained within the hub of the wheel.

So that means no more baby buggy races or bank robberies, baby Finster!

Designer: James William Wansey