This titanium carabiner clip for your keys and EDC will last multiple lifetimes!

The thing about products that get used every day is that they’re always susceptible to wear and tear. Shoes that get worn every day don’t last forever, your phone which you use for 5-6 hours on a daily basis won’t last beyond a few years, even that car/bike that gives you a good couple of miles every day… They last on an average of 10-20 years before being discontinued. The HyperLink, on the other hand, was designed to last generations. It isn’t uncommon to see titanium used as a material for EDC, and the HyperLink carabiner clip really wears its titanium build on its sleeve. Designed to be small yet incredibly robust, the HyperLink carabiner clip is roughly the size of your thumb and weighs 0.7 ounces (19.8 grams), but is capable of holding much more than you’d imagine, handling everything from your keys and EDC to even being able to suspend heavier items like your backpack off a hook.

The magic lies in the HyperLink’s choice of material as well as its design. The rectangular design comes with rounded edges on all sides so that it sits comfortably in your pocket. A wider gate opening allows you to easily slide objects into the carabiner clip, and a smooth gate interface means your clip will never accidentally snag in clothing. The HyperLink’s titanium construction isn’t just incredibly robust, it’s rust-proof too, and the clip’s mechanism comes fitted with a stainless-steel spring that gives the clip its great rebound, allowing it to close shut with a nice, resonating click. CNC-machined right into the HyperLink’s design is also a carry-clip, giving you the ability to secure the carabiner against the lining of your pocket.

Simple, sophisticated, and just sublimely versatile, the HyperLink secures in pockets, around belt-loops, and even on hooks. Whether you use it to carry your keys, your EDC gear, your water-bottle, or even use it in heavy-duty situations, the titanium construction of the carabiner clip will easily out-last whatever situation you throw at it. It’s honestly best suited to be that regular everyday EDC carrying-clip you’ll use for the next couple of decades!

Designer: Kevin Hayes of Blank Forces

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $89 (20% off). Hurry, discount ends on August 9th, 2020.

HyperLink – Titanium EDC Carabiner with Clip

The HyperLink is an everyday carry carabiner reimagined with a “Deep Carry” clip, to provide ease of use and more attachment options when attaching it to bags, your pocket, and more.

HyperLink Features


Grade 5 Titanium

Each HyperLink is 3D machined from a solid piece of premium Grade 5 Titanium and then hand finished.

Titanium will never rust, is lightweight, and super strong. The internal spring mechanism for the gate is full stainless steel so you will never have a problem with corrosion. Built to last a lifetime.

Lots of New Carry Options

Why be stuck with a standard carabiner? The integrated clip opens up many additional carry options. Kevin Hayes has designed the “Deep Carry” clip to allow the carabiner to sit flush when attached to your pocket or bag, making it much less likely to get hooked on things and providing a very clean look.

Front Pocket Deep Carry – Quick & Easy to Access your keys.

External Back Pocket Carry.

Flush Mount – External Backpack / Bag Carry.

Traditional Belt-loop Carry.

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $89 (20% off). Hurry, discount ends on August 9th, 2020.