This ‘accidental’ lightning-bolt design detail doubles up as the cabinet’s handles

With an instant, eye-catching lightning-bolt-shaped fracture running along its front, lined with precisely machined brass all the way from the top to the bottom, the Halsey Fracture Cabinet in Walnut is a simple box with a stand-out detail that totally sets it apart. Designed by Piet Houtenbos, the Halsey Fracture features two doors with uneven jagged cuts that don’t line up when they’re closed. Instead, they provide enough of a gap to slip your fingers through and open either of the doors without needing any handle. The design was arrived by a rather pleasant accident during its computer modeling process in the early iteration phase. Houtenbos immediately saw potential in the error, transforming and coddling the curves into functional elements with high visual recall.

To make sure that the fracture looks deliberate and classy, Houtenbos even gave it a chic brass lining, not only allowing the wood and brass combination to absolutely shine through, but also ensuring you get the smooth cold touch of metal when you go to open the cabinet’s doors. On the inside, the cabinets come lacquered in a deep Wescott Navy hue to really bring out the lightning-shaped detail.

Designer: Piet Houtenbos