This notebook was designed to be so sustainable, it’s virtually carbon-neutral

You’d expect paper to be environmentally friendly, right? I mean, it’s naturally occurring, can easily be regrown, and it biodegrades. That outwardly simple idea isn’t as ‘paper-white’ when you dig further. The truth is, paper is almost always made from fresh wood pulp. It leads to mass-scale tree-felling, requires thousands of gallons of water to flatten the pulp into sheets, and hazardous chemicals to bleach the paper so it’s white… but here’s the part nobody tells you. It’s also a major hassle to recycle paper and make it look as good as new. Those crisp white executive bond sheets are almost always made from virgin wood/cotton, and nobody really buys recycled paper because truth be told, it’s more expensive than that beautiful white sheet you print memos on, or write minutes of meetings on. theGVA hopes to correct that imbalance.

Based out of Geneva, theGVA (The Green Value Attitude) is trying to perfect the ‘business model of paper’. theGVA’s notebooks aren’t just sustainably grown, each notebook’s purchase actually adds back to the environment more than it took from it. The ‘eco-friendly’ notebook comes with FSC paper, grown under internationally certified sustainable conditions, made from a combination of virgin wood pulp (cultivated responsibly from well-maintained and managed forests), as well as recycled paper. The cover of the notebook comes crafted from a uniquely tactile and smooth bamboo ply. Given how rapidly bamboo can be cultivated, the bamboo harvested for the notebook covers can be well accounted for within just a few months. The covers are left bare, giving you the freedom to either color in your own cover, or etch out your company’s graphic. The notebooks are all hand-bound and hand-stitched with leather spines, and complete with an elastic band to hold it all together.

Available in the A5 size, each notebook comes with 72 pages and the ability to choose between blank, dotted, and ruled paper. 1% of the sales from each notebook go to ‘One Percent for the Planet’, an international organization whose members help contribute to environmental causes. This effectively makes each notebook carbon-negative (if not neutral), allowing you to actually help heal the planet by buying paper!

Designer: Laurent Gonthier

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TheGVA – An Organic Notebook

Made from herbs, Laurent Gonthier designed a notebook using organic raw material with bamboo (the graminea) and recycled paper.

How is it Made?

The notebooks are made 100% from natural raw bamboo and recycled paper and come in 13 colors, A5 size, containing 72 pages (blank, lined or dotted paper), and have a hand-sewn binding for a strong and elegant finish.

Unlike a PVC notebook, the materials used result in a very smooth touch and feel. TheGVA can engrave the front cover for a customized finish. Alternatively, the owner can color the front cover with a traditional pen.

Each Notebook Is Unique

The designs use bamboo as it is among the fastest renewable resources in the world. Bamboo is not wood but a type of grass (gramineous). It grows much faster than trees (up to 20 meters per year).

Every notebook has been carefully designed to respect the environment and comply with the green value equation and ISO certification standards. The team will also contribute 1% of their revenues to the organization “1% For The Planet”.

Click Here to Buy Now: $24 $28 (20% off). Hurry, only 8/67 left!