A lamp designed to help you establish a healthy sleep routine!

Is the pandemic giving you sleepless nights? If you answer no, please email us and give us your wellness routine. If you answered yes, then this lamp was designed to treat your insomnia. This lamp was made so that you could associate it with more than just an illumination source, the designer wants you to look at this lamp as an appliance that can help you establish a healthy sleeping pattern along with its core function.

Sleep patterns change with exposure to light which has considerably increased during quarantine as we spend more time on our phones and laptops. This disturbs the body’s circadian rhythm and tricks it into being awake for longer hours even though it is dark outside. The first step is to reduce screen time, but that alone won’t make our body adapt to the change in light – so to be an additional aid, this lamp helps to create a sleepy-time ambiance gradually which mimics the natural light cycle outside so your body can adapt faster to the new routine.

There are recommended light levels for different pre-bedtime activities like watching TV, reading, meditating, etc. and you can adjust the lightness/darkness for them through this lamp so it helps you wind down easily and amplifies the impact of your bedtime routine. You can set a timer for when you want the light to go off and it will gradually decrease till shutdown time so the darkness is not abrupt – another small detail to get your circadian rhythm on track! The lamp is flexible so it can be used during the day as well like a desk lamp and the minimal design makes it a perfect fit for any interior style, especially a small space. Sleeping peacefully during a global pandemic is not the easiest thing, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a smart one in your room to get you there.

Designer: Locus Hsu for Husky Design