Faucet Buddy Tells You About Water

Faucet Buddy is a cool little chrome gadget you latch onto you existing sink fixtures. It tells you how hot or cold the water is so those morning surprises are no more. Of course, just like any real buddy it’ll tell you if you’re a water rat; wasting our natural precious resources.

Designer: Baek Uyeol


  • TH says:

    Cool gadget. Add BT / wireless and software to track the cumulative water usage in the whole apartment… Even as such, this would be good for conserving water and energy, I suppose it is very easy to use too much or too hot water.

  • Logansix says:

    Not sure how this would keep people in North Cackalacky from using too much water. The only way it would help would be if it transmitted your total consumption to a watch and let you know when you got dangerously close to that 25 gallon per day per person limit.

  • Zach says:

    cool design, i just wonder why you would ever need this.

    It is a good conversation piece though

  • Jiri says:

    super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ouirghemmi says:

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  • ouirghemmi says:

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  • Karsten says:

    Yeah, good idea, but why is it attached to the device that delivers the smallest amount of water in a house?

    Is it available for showers or bathtubs faucets? How about the toilet? That is where most ofthe water is used and that is where it would be more relevant. There is obviously not often a reason to heat your toilet flushing water, but I have heard even that is done to prevent condensation problems.

    And is it possible (for once) to come up with a mechanical device that does not require batteries in this day and age?


    Practical Advice to Pollute Less

  • william says:

    where can i buy it and how much?

  • Jorge says:

    I´d like to know when wiil be this wonderfull product ready and how must will be cost? I´m very interesting because my company sell water save products, Thank you

  • Kevin Yu says:

    I believe this is an amazing design.

    How much do you think this product will cost, where i can buy this product, and where I can look into more in this type of product?

  • xXblahXx says:

    very nice!

  • attila takacs says:

    érdekelne menyibe kerül

  • Kirzseg says:


    I would like to know, where can I buy it, and how much?
    If I pay this with credit card, can you send it to Hungary?

    Thank you!


  • andi says:

    its really nice!
    but, could someone tell me how it works??
    i mean were does the energy come from??

  • Maroš says:

    How I can get this product to our country I mean slovakia in Europhe?

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