Sports Panel for Interaction Upgrade

Behold the power of Zotefoam! It’s a high quality foam capable of withstanding the punishment that only a sports fan can distribute. That’s why designer Ross Hubbard used it to create the “Football Fan Display,” a simple, powerful tool to display a single letter or number, meant to be used in combination with others, made to be rented before a sports game and returned right afterward. Activate it at the back, punch in the number or letter you’d like, tell your pals what letters or numbers they should put on theirs, and spell “TECHNOLOGY.”

Because the best thing to spell at a sporting event is TECHNOLOGY. The Zotefoam exterior is made using a CNC milling machine, character display graphic is screenprint applied to the back, plastic parts vacuum formed, front side sand blast finished, back side laser cut to produce a more accurate finish.

Switch on the big words and numbers!

Designer: Ross Hubbard