Spice Rack Grind Deluxe!

It’s not called that. Spice Rack Grind Deluxe is what I’m going to be calling MY spice rack. The one you’re viewing here is called the “Vue” system. It’s one of those things that I know you love more than anything else: a spice rack! Only this time, the rack isn’t just a rack. The rack is the proud holder of seven, (count them!,) seven container/grinders for your entire needs-grinding spice fantasy life!

This rack was inspired by “one of nature’s most elegant forms, the cocoon.” Each container is called a “pod” can be either glass or stainless steel. Each pod has it’s own individual grinder for super fresh spice. Each pod is held up by a magnetic-assisted hook system.

Each pod is super elegant.

The grinder is made up of three parts: the cone, the rubberized overmold, and the stainless steel grinding teeth. The cone is for funneling, the rubber is for grip, and the teeth are for griding to shreds.

Designer: James Kershaw aka JKersh

Vue cocoon inspired spice grinders rack by James Kershaw aka JKersh