This wearable umbrella is designed to keep you and your belongings dry in rains!

The rains bring with it a feeling of comfort – there is nothing quite as relaxing as curling up with a book and hot cuppa with the rain gently pattering on your window. That is unless you’re stuck out in the rain, wetting everything from your head to your toes and the contents of your bag along with it! To save us from the pain of being caught in the unprecedented rain, Anna Cserba designed the After You umbrella.

The After You umbrella is a multipurpose product designed to save you from the rains and to help you carry stuff when the skies are clear! Anna, a student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, created this design as a part of her design course. The aim of the course is to completely redesign an everyday object – an umbrella in this case. The After You revolutionizes the humble umbrella in quite a few ways – first is by making the design hands-free! One of the most tedious things about carrying the umbrella is the juggling act of holding onto your umbrella with one hand with the tons of stuff we carry in our hands. By wearing the product over your shoulders like a backpack, After You leaves your hands free to answer back to that text or browse your phone. The next thing we love about this design is the foldable design – the five layers made from rigid polycarbonate layers fold and unfold to form a cocoon that keeps you protected. When not in need, the After You umbrella can be carried around with ease – either on your back or on the side where it doubles up as a bag to hold your shopping!

Wearing it almost like a bag, the After You umbrella keeps you and your bag safe and dry. Comfortable, lightweight, and is extremely resistant to mechanical impacts, the After You acts almost like a wearable shield, meeting our futuristic, multi-purposing needs while keeping us safe on a rainy day and in the sunshine!

Designer: Anna Cserba