This smart fitness mat has an attached display & webcam to give you virtual training at home

Five months ago, a yoga mat with a screen would sound like a really weird idea, but here we are now, and I can’t think of a more incredible invention. The Otari isn’t just a fitness/yoga mat, it’s your entire gym experience. The Otari Studio includes a mat, screen, and magnetic camera arm that lets you participate in interactive sessions with expert instructors, giving you the experience of being in a studio right in the comfort of your home… Genius, eh?

We’ve become a stay-at-home species, and it’s honestly manageable for the most part, but there are some experiences that really need interaction to make them effective. You could just as well go about your day, working from home and sending emails, but a quick video chat with your colleagues and superiors really helps things moving, right? The home-gym works the same way too… having some sort of supervision always makes for a better workout, and the Otari Yoga Mat was designed around that exact principle.

The Otari is more than just a yoga mat or a gym mat. It’s a virtual exercising session that’s complete with a display, a state-of-the-art AI camera, and an on-board AI exercise tracker that helps you work out at home as you would in a studio or gym. The setup comes with a yoga mat that attaches securely to a prop-up display that helps you tap right into Otari’s live training sessions. Fitted right into the display is a slide-out wide-angle camera that records your exercising, tracks your posture, and counts your reps, giving you live feedback of your workout along with posture-correcting tips in real-time.

Designed to fit an entire fitness studio experience into your closet, the Otari setup folds down into something that occupies roughly the same space as a folded comforter or duvet. When it’s time to get those muscles working and that sweat running, the mat opens up to a full length exercising surface and clips directly (you can actually use any existing yoga mat too) to the Otari Studio screen, within which lies the fitness experience’s secret sauce. The Otari Studio’s ultra-wide screen guides you through the exercises as you go, allowing you to access Otari’s extensive catalog of exercises brought to you by its world-class trainers sourced from top studios in NYC (you can even grab a preview of their training sessions on Instagram). The screen plugs into an external power source, comes fitted with 2 high-fidelity speakers, and runs the Otari Studio program, allowing you to workout in tandem with expert fitness instructors as the AI camera captures your routines. You can either live-stream exercise sessions, following along as you go, or watch routines on-demand whenever you get the time. The Otari comes with a wide-angle webcam that slides right out of the screen to capture your body at a 3/4th angle for optimal tracking. The camera senses your movements, and your position, feeding the data into Otari’s AI system, which tracks progress and even lets you know when you’re falling short or if you’re going off track. At the end of your session, the dashboard gives you a complete breakdown of your exercise, allowing you to actively track your progress and get a good idea of how well you did… sort of like having your own gym instructor or trainer right beside you. When you’re done, the entire setup folds down to a flat package that’s easy to slide into your wardrobe or under your bed. Pretty clever, eh?

Designers: Chris Kruger & Skyler Erickson

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Otari – World’s Most Interactive Workout Mat

Otari is the first-of-its-kind smart fitness mat that uses artificial intelligence to deliver real time feedback. Users are able to take live and on-demand classes straight from the screen attached to the mat, and receive customized pose-corrections as well as data and analytics.

Expert instructors lead top-quality sessions and motivate to keep you engaged. Choose a class for the workout your body needs. Just as you’d expect in the studio, they’re here to keep you motivated, disciplined, and accountable.

Meet the World Class Otari Instructors

Amina Taha –  Found yoga at the age of 27 during the start of her career as a fashion designer. She was immediately drawn to yoga and how it taught her about her body and herself.

Kenny Ferrer –  A charismatic Strength and HIIT instructor for Otari. His background as a former professional and Division 1 college baseball player, combined with his education in psychology, professional coaching, and fitness

Lindsey Carothers –  A Broadway actor and yoga instructor – performing in shows such as Wicked and Bring It On The Musical, and teaching at studios and corporate spaces in New York City.

Stormy Barbara – A Yogi & Mindset Coach based in NYC. A true Sagittarius soul with an undeniable air of authenticity, she is your go-to girl for getting un-stuck and leveling up both on and off the mat.

The Otari Camera

Otari’s Smart Camera Arm is uniquely offset at the ideal angle to capture the most accurate assessment of your form. From your Chaturanga Flow to your most intense cardio session, Otari continuously analyzes whole-body form with your data never leaving the privacy of the device.

As you work out, the Otari camera captures “keypoints” representing the relative position of each joint location in real time.

These keypoints plus additional proprietary data points are cross-referenced against appropriate ranges determined by their team of expert fitness instructors, triggering opportunities for feedback.

Otari understands your pace and can tell the difference between slacking off and pushing you too far – and appropriately guides you in either scenario.

Your workout metrics are tracked and used to continuously refine your workout – reps, form, balance, heart rate (with smart watch integration), and more feed into the Otari system to create a more personalized experience the more you use it.

Otari is Private and Secure

All of this processing takes place locally within your Otari Studio – which means your data NEVER leaves the device unless you opt to share it.

Otari Understands You & Empowers you to Succeed

Live Streaming

Immerse yourself in a live class with engaging instructors who inspire directly from the studio. Receive on-screen and pre-recorded audio feedback in your instructor’s own voice – exactly the way they would give it to you in a 1:1 personalized session.


Watch classes on your own schedule, with instruction and feedback delivered in real time based on intelligent pose analysis data.


Stay motivated with workout buddies from across the nation with in-app chat and message boards, Join an on-demand class with friends and hold each other accountable.

Simple Set Up

Control Otari Studio With Your Phone

Get classes and track your progress easily with the Otari app. Each Otari membership comes with 4 user profiles that you can set up.

Click Here to Buy Now: $429 $795 (46% off). Hurry, only 9 left! Raised over $90,000.