A designer imagines what a Bugatti Luxury SUV would look like…

Back in 2018 (aka the good old days), president of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann, admitted that the luxury automotive brand ‘could’ be working on an SUV to expand their catalog. “The brand is ready for more. The W16 engine is at the core of the brand today, but it won’t remain the heart forever,” the executive said. Amid the speculation, designer André Fonseca imagined what an SUV from the French supercar company would look like… with the trimmings of a luxury automobile.

The Bugatti S1 Luxury SUV isn’t the first concept car we’ve seen of this nature. Our eyes were treated to an absolute beauty in the Bugatti Spartacus concept from last month, and truth be told Bugatti is one of the last few luxury brands to have never forayed into the SUV space. Fonseca’s S1 L-SUV however imagines what that would look like, were it to happen. Needless to say, a Bugatti SUV would have to look marginally different from its racecars, and the S1 L-SUV surely does. It comes with a pretty wild looking 3-bar headlight and sports an interesting break in the surface around the edge of the front, creating an offset of the iconic horseshoe radiator. As with every trueblue Bugatti, the S1 L-SUV comes in a blue paint-job, exploring a combination of light blue on dark blue, with a chrome accent that creates the signature Bugatti C-bar detail. The car comes with four doors, exploring a suicide-door detail on the back, and as we move to the rear of the car, we get this pretty nifty looking tailfin that comes with its own taillight, complementing the edge-lit taillight that’s on the car’s relatively sleek, almost hatchback-ish rear.

Designer: André Fonseca