Hot Pebbles for Cold Fish

Use the ancient power of water-smoothed rocks with the stone-grill concept “Pebbles.” It will make your healthy fish-devouring ways a cinch! Just unroll the Pebbles grill, locate the knob which switches the grill on, use it once again to turn the temperature to the correct level, wait a bit, just a bit!, and take them fish outta there. Turn the pebbles off and eat them fishes!

As you can see, the body of the grill is flexible and easy to clean. Small so it’s portable, suited to indoor or outdoor use. It produces no harmful by-products, and is easy to operate.

The pebble for activation and temperature also lights the rest of the pebbles showing that the heat is activated. Once the grilling is done, just give the control pebble a “tug” -and it’s done!

Designers: Yongju Kwak, Dongbin Shin, Kukil Han & Young-Seok Kim


  • Now that is so cool! I wonder how a stone-grilled fish taste like and how much does this cooking gadget cost.

  • Now that is so cool! I wonder how a stone-grilled fish taste like and how much does this cooking gadget cost.

  • saltynay says:

    Wheres the power source???

    • zippyflounder says:

      ac line voltage, my concern is the wired connections to and from each pebble as wires ability to take a lot of flexing can go down a lot with heat. Given that only one surface is used in conduction of heat for cooking, perhaps the use of high performance ceramic insulator on the oppsite side might offer some advantage. I would not be disinclined to work on this project.

  • Brian says:

    What do you do about drippings – they look like they would pour straight through. Like the idea but can’t help but wonder if this only cooks fish because for other foods (especially Western foods) this really wouldn’t work well.

    • zippyflounder says:

      good point, you caught me good :), guess we would need a tray under it.

  • chonnes says:

    I’ve never seared meat on a hot stone. What is the rationale behind this concept. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be better in some aspect compared to regular grilling, but in what way? This is killing me! I NEED ANSWERS!!

    • KassiaErechtheus says:

      there’s a new restaurant in my town called Rok where they serve raw steak on slabs of volcanic rock preheated to 700 F the slabs retain heat pretty well and i can still sizzle water on it 30 minutes after the food’s been brought to my table as far as tastes goes its pretty good – all the juices from the meat doesn’t go anywhere.. it sizzle and infuses back into the meat. its not exactly grilling where all the fat just drips down into the grill. plus, its a lot of fun to take the mash potatoes and try to make patties out of them when the steak’s done.

      • CptMystic says:

        I expect it’s that both propane and charcoal impart a change in flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

        Then again, neither does a steel griddle…so, I don’t get it either.

    • eben says:

      I think the idea behind it is that using a hot stone imparts more caramelization of the meat better than charcoal or gas. When you caramelize the meat, you get that crunch outside that turns dark brown, which is coveted by chefs around the world when cooking meat.

  • poisonfist says:

    mmmm grilled sanma (spanish mackerel).

  • Chewbenator says:

    I had stone grilled barbeque in Banff Canada once, it was D-licious.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    Great!! it contains many potentiality!!!

  • smroepe says:

    Great product!

    Safety concerns? the heat source looks pretty open… does it have to be placed on a specific surface?

  • emily says:

    I really believe this gives out much heat, but both sides are hot,aren’t they?
    it’s a little dangerous if children touch it by accident when it heats.

  • wr4th says:

    1st. how the hell do you clean this thing

    2nd. it’s too damn small if it only holds 2 small fish like that.

    3rd. these seem to be 3d renderings of the product. is there some place to see it actually being used?

    4th. is this even real? i don’t see an official page for the thing

  • Ella says:

    need to improve

  • Ella says:

    need to improve

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