This humidifier-heater appliance will keep you healthy and warm all year round

We have all been here – you are sick, you have chills so you turn up the heat but that makes your room dry, meanwhile, your tea gets cold and you are too tired to go heat it up for the fourth time. And if you are anything like me you have probably tried to warm your tea in front of the heater but obviously failed. That is exactly when we need a product like Heattle – a heater and humidifier in one that uses the simple mechanism of a kettle. Now you see why the reheating-my-tea part was important?

Heaters usually make the air in any room dry and arid which can cause dry eyes, sore throat, and colds – not the best when you are sick, getting chills and all you want to do is feel the warmth. Heattle creates a balance by maintaining the humidity in the air at a recommended 40-60% which is healthier for you and also keeps the room warm for a longer period of time thus saving energy (we all know how the electric bill shoots up in winter)! The inspiration for its form was the visual of a warm kettle on a cold winter day and Heattle manages to radiate that exact emotion through its design. It not only heats the room but also creates an emotional connect to the product itself.

The three settings of Heattle are Warming, Heating, and Humidify. Warm keeps your room warm without the hot wind. Heating adopts a high-efficiency PTC ceramic wire which lets it heat much faster without any pre-heating time. It also reduces the dryness because it heats the cold air without burning oxygen. Humidify provides heated humidification without any bacterial concerns. The dial on the top of Heattle lets you set the temperature and pick your desired setting. The most intuitive and homely part of this design is the kettle water storage for the humidifier, it makes refilling and changing the water convenient and I am curious to know if I can just use it for tea too!

Designer: Dongje Park