This WFH-friendly neck massager produces endorphins to relieve pain

Working from home means we don’t have the most ergonomic chair or the right desk since the change happened overnight. And maybe in the excitement of working from home, a lot of us did so from our beds which we know isn’t the best for our posture. Apart from taking breaks and stretching, we could use a massage to alleviate some stress. Since it may still not be safe to get one outside, Cose neck massager is here to relax those tensed WFH muscles!

Cose is a multifunctional neck massager that relieves pain without painkillers using 6 different technologies. It features EMS + TENS technology along with infrared therapy and thermotherapy to work on your muscles. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) helps Cose imitate the natural signals that come from the central nervous system which make the neck muscles contract for better flexibility and strength. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), on the other hand, delivers small electrical impulses through the skin to flood the nervous system, reducing pain by stimulating your body to produce endorphins, our natural pain relievers.

It has 5 massage modes – tapping, kneading, scarping, acupuncture, and a combination of them all including a 360-degree rotating feature as well as temperature control. Each mode can further be adjusted at 16 different power levels! Cose’s body is covered in medical-grade silicone, which is tested for biocompatibility and is used for medical applications making this neck massager as safe as it is comfortable. I absolutely don’t mind working from home and taking massage breaks with Cose!

Designer: Cose


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