Innovative seating designed using clever surface projection!

Inspiration from the ‘Throws’ seating series comes from a very interesting place. Throws are usually blankets that are (oftentimes) casually thrown or spread across sofas or lounge chairs to make them more snug and comfortable… They’re a product in their own right, but Alex Boem decided to turn their unique pliable-fabric property into design inspiration. The Throws series of seating is inspired by the very way the fabric assumes the shape of the furniture it’s draped on. Boem used that surface projection and turned it into seating that looks like a 2D mesh draped on a 3D object. It’s unusual yet unusually pretty, creates a wonderful illusion depending on how you look at it. View it from the top and the furniture actually looks like a 2D grid, but the minute you shift your PoV, it assumes a three-dimensional form, becoming a funky, Memphis-inspired, comfortable-yet-sturdy piece of wrought-iron wire-frame seating you can actually place your derriere on!

Wouldn’t it be fun if there was also a tongue-in-cheek flat grid-carpet to complement and poke fun at the seating too??

Designer: Alex Boem