Kitchens Galore

I have this obsession with kitchens. I’ve spent hours designing my dream kitchen with multiple manufacturers and have yet to put any plan into action. Call me crazy but the ratio of what I want and what I can actually afford is ridiculously large but Henrybuilt just introduced the Viola Park kitchen line promising luxury amenities at affordable costs in this economy. Let’s hit the jump, shall we?

It’s difficult to describe the Viola Park line because skies the limit when designing your own kitchen. Their website offers pretty powerful tools and options to envisage your future cook’dom. What can be said is the overall aesthetic is clean and compliments modern lines, potentially updating the whole look of your home. Home owners know kitchens can significantly increase home value so if you’re talking value vs. cost, it’s a pretty sound investment.

Enough of the sales pitch tho. I could go on and on because well, I’m a freak about designing kitchens. The modular aspect of the Viola Park line reminds me of IKEA but Henrybuilt prides itself on quality – not to say IKEA kitchens suck, no they’re actually quite good but Henrybuilt offers a touch less Scandi and a bit more refinement. It’s not as stark, know what I mean? They also seem to keep up with IKEA’s hidden compartments, unique sliding doors and all the other fun functional trinkets.

Anyways if you’re interested, hit up this page or visit the company’s website for other products. If anyone from Henrybuilt is reading this, I would love a demo of your product – you know, remodeling my whole kitchen just for the purpose of review. 🙂

Designer: Henrybuilt


Viola Park Custom Kitchens by Henrybuilt