Ditch those dirty cloth masks, this reusable silicone face mask makes it easy to breathe 99% clean air

The N95 mask is great the same way the Prius is great. It’s affordable, popular, a lot of people have it, and it does what it says it’s going to do. However, compare the Prius to a Tesla Model S and you realize where it falls short. Its popularity aside, the N95 has some pretty obvious shortcomings – whether it’s the fact that it gets dirty and needs washing or the fact that a flimsy mask can actually press up against your nose, making it marginally difficult to breathe. That being said, N95 masks work for some people, like healthcare workers, or industrial workers who often operate on a budget… but that format doesn’t really work for regular consumers. The LMP S2 is designer Mark Austen’s attempt at creating the Tesla of masks. It fundamentally does the same things the N95 does, but does a noticeably better job, and looks great too.

The LMP S2 is the product of a new normal, where masks may just be as common as wearing shades because it’s sunny out. While we’re all working as a global community to battle this virus and end the shelter-at-home orders that are in place as a result, there’s no definitive date for when to stop wearing masks… and since we’re probably going to be wearing them for at least the foreseeable future, Mark Austen believes consumers deserve better than the N95 masks we have out there today.

The LMP S2 improves on the N95 by ditching the fabric construction for silicone, which isn’t just comfortable, it’s easier to clean and is food-grade. Making the entire mask from silicone ensures a perfect, practically air-tight fit every time, while the soft elastomeric material is much easier on the skin, allowing you to wear the mask for longer without feeling any discomfort. The LMP S2’s silicone body takes the shape of faces, ensuring a universal fit, while an internal frame keeps the mask’s shape intact, so it doesn’t buckle and collapse every time you inhale. Fitted onto the front of the LMP S2 is a layered N99 and activated carbon filter that allows you to easily inhale 99% fresh air with every breath you take. The mask even features a dual-valve setup on each side that doubles the amount of air flowing into and out of the mask, effectively preventing the humidity in your breath from getting trapped inside the mask, keeping you fresh at all times. The result is a mask that looks, feels, and performs better than an N95.

The mask’s silicone construction is also incredibly easy to clean. Given that silicone is naturally heat resistant, you can simply take the filters out and place the mask in boiling water to sanitize it, killing any germs that may be lingering on the surface. The removable filters are designed to be periodically replaced too, so you just need to switch filter-linings every few months, rather than throwing out your cloth mask every time it gets dirty. The LMP S2 begins shipping in June and comes in a variety of colors, although my go-to would obviously be black… because why pass up an opportunity of looking like Darth Vader?

Designer: Mark Austen

Click Here to Buy Now: 1 mask & 10 filters for $33 $38 (17% off). Raised over $900,000.

LMP S2 – Reusable Protective Silicone Face Mask

Made in the EU, the LMP S2 is a reusable silicone face mask with replaceable FFP3/N99 filters.

Click Here to Buy Now: 1 mask & 10 filters for $33 $38 (17% off). Raised over $900,000.