This modern minimal CD Player will make your CD collection the next big thing!

I think CDs are the new vinyl records just like playlists are the new mixtapes. While vinyl records will always be classic, the millennials will have a more nostalgic connection with CDs. I still have my collection and even though it wasn’t too far back in time, having walkmans or CD players in your laptops seems like something from a different lifetime. I don’t want to throw away my collection, it means a lot to me, so I am going to look for CD player like this conceptual CDend instead and tell future generations how you had to simply choose from 12 tracks.

CDend is a CD player that also serves as a modern bookend…or a CD end (make the connection?). Most of us have the habit of starting the day with our favorite morning playlist, well, this gives you just a little bit more – its the difference between brewing your cup of coffee with fresh beans vs pressing a button on a Keurig. The flat CD player is attached to a JBL tube-like speaker which can be charged with a USB cord. The control buttons are on top of the CD slot and the CD slides in and out from the side opening. The form of the device is modern and minimal, it fits into any setting of your home and elevates the corner it is put in. It’s sleek and to be honest, it doesn’t look like a CD player at all which means it won’t stick out visually in your space.

We probably won’t throw out our CD collections because of the emotional value, but something like CDend could revive the CD culture and blow it up again! CDs bring back so many memories and a device like CDend will be our personal time capsule.

Designer: 250 Design