The AIRDOT hand-held vacuum pump lets you pack 70% more clothes in the same travel case!

Once this pandemic thing blows over, the first thing I’m doing is going on a long holiday to make up for all the time I spent indoors. I can’t wait to reconnect with the world around me, and really appreciate every single aspect of life just because life itself can often be fleeting and fragile. If anything, this virus has taught me to live in the moment and to love this complex, beautiful world of ours.

Now I may be jumping the gun here, but I’ve actually begun saving up my money and mentally packing my suitcases for all the places I’m about to visit. It’s a pretty weird coincidence that while I’m making these purely imaginary travel preparations, I stumble across a product that promises to help me pack my suitcase with stunning efficiency. Presenting to you my discovery… the AIRDOT, a handheld vacuum pump that lets you pack nearly 70% more in your suitcase by vacuum compressing your clothes so you end up saving space.

This space-saving travel system is a combination of a handheld vacuum pump, and a set of vacuum bags that come with an innovative design that helps you compress clothes easily, fast, and for as long as an entire month. The pump, no larger than a bottle of deodorant, weighs a mere 172 grams, and is powerful enough to compress clothes in mere seconds, removing enough air to make garments occupy a fraction of their original space. The vacuum pump comes without an internal battery so you can pack it in your suitcase without any TSA issues, and works right off any external power source, including a power bank. The pump works with AIRDOT’s proprietary vacuum bags that offer a long-lasting seal that lets your clothes stay compressed for as long as an entire month. The bag comes with a double-zip-lock on one end to secure its tight seal, and an innovative air-valve that works with the AIRDOT vacuum pump as well as with any regular vacuum cleaner. In fact, the valve even works without a pump. Just roll your clothes up inside the bag and you can force air out with your hands.

AIRDOT’s system may be optimized for travel, but it’s great for closets too, allowing you to compress and store winterwear so that it doesn’t end up filling your entire wardrobe. The proprietary vacuum bags come with a relatively flat air-valve design, and use a sturdy embossed plastic bag design that lasts significantly longer than other vacuum bags. The pump itself is pretty quiet too, measuring at a tolerable 50 decibels, and has an auto-stop feature that terminates the suction process once the clothes are sufficiently compressed… helping you efficiently store clothes, increase their lifespan, and – here’s my favorite bit – pack close to 70% more clothes into your suitcase so you can travel with a relatively emptier suitcase that you can then stuff with souvenirs from around the world! You feel me?

Designer: AIRDOT

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AIRDOT – Create Up To 70% More Space

AIRDOT is a luggage compression system that combines the AIRDOT portable luggage compressor with AIRDOT compression bags. AIRDOT allows you to have up to 70% more space available through an easy-to-use vacuum device that safely seals your store clothes and keeps them compressed, fresh and odorless for your entire trip.

AIRDOT Compression bags are thinner and stronger than the competition. Pack once and keep the space you need for your entire trip. Also, compress and store blankets, winter clothes or thicker items to save space in your closet. The AIRDOT compression bag was designed to keep sealing for more than 6 months.

This system can be used before your trip, during your trip, at home, or anywhere you need to create more storage space.

AIRDOT Compressor

Lightweight & Compact – The AIRDOT compressor weighs less than a smartphone and can fit inside tote bags, purses, and other carry-on bags.

Multiple Power Options – The AIRDOT compressor works with any power source, and can be powered by Portable Battery, Wall Charger, USB port.

Travel Ready – The AIRDOT compressor and compressor bags can be taken on the plane in your carry-on bag or placed in your checked luggage.

Motor Cooling System – The AIRDOT compressor uses incoming air to cool the motor. This protects the motor from overload and extends its life.

AIRDOT Compression Bags

No Cover Design – A “no-cover” design means that you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you’re traveling because there’s nothing to lose when you’re using the compression bags.

Thinner valves also make it easier to pack extra compression bags in your suitcase.

Stores Clothes for Longer – AIRDOT compression bags can hold their seal for up to 6 months! Pack once, and keep the space you need for your entire trip.

Embossed Surface – AIRDOT’s special embossed surface allows clothing to be compressed 4 to 5 times more than traditional vacuum bags will let you. The embossed surface creates air channels that pull air out of the bag more efficiently when using the AIRDOT vacuum, a household vacuum or hand rolling.

Double Twin Zip – AIRDOT compression bags are equipped with sealing channels that have double mating pairs. These sealing channels are arranged in a unique configuration that creates an airtight seal during compression and reduces leakage over time allowing you to save space for longer periods of time.

Film Valve – On the bottom of every AIRDOT compression bag is a patented adhesive film that helps the bag maintain its vacuum seal for longer without compromising the storage capacity of the bag.

How AIRDOT Works

3-Ways to Use – AIRDOT compression bags are versatile and can be sealed using three methods, AIRDOT compressor, vacuum cleaner and by hand.

Connect the AIRDOT compressor to the AIRDOT compression bag by inserting the AIRDOT compressor into the valve on the bag. Tilt slightly to get a firm connection, and then press the button on top of the AIRDOT compressor.

The blue LED light of the AIRDOT compressor indicates the operating status.

The AIRDOT compression bags are also smart, and can automatically lock the valve after the AIRDOT compressor is removed.

Check out the demonstration.

AIRDOT compression bags are compatible with most household vacuum cleaners that have a circular entrance that’s 27mm / 1.06in diameter or greater. For reference, the most common size of a household vacuum cleaner hose is 32mm / 1.26in.

If you don’t have a household vacuum cleaner handy, or a power source for the AIRDOT compressor, you can remove the air out of the AIRDOT compression bags by rolling them up with your hands. Seal the bag first, place the bag on a hard surface, and begin rolling the bag starting at the end you just sealed.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $65 (40% off). Hurry, less than 12-hours left!