Caviar’s bejeweled iPhone 14 Pro comes with a $133K price tag and an actual Rolex stuck on the back

Forget the Dynamic Island on the front… check out the Rolex Island on the back.

There’s a fine line between a good Medium Rare steak and a steak that’s pushed just over the edge into Rare/Well-Done territory. I’d argue Caviar’s Rolex Daytona iPhone 14 Pro sits rather firmly on the latter end of the spectrum. Designed to clearly be showcased on tabletops (because there’s no way this could comfortably fit into most pockets), the latest custom iPhone from Caviar comes with a massive Rolex Daytona timepiece stuck to its back, making the smartphone’s camera bump look like the sleekest design detail ever. The Rolex Daytona (functional, might I add) isn’t the only detail on the back of the iPhone – clearly doubling down on the racing-inspired theme, the phone also comes with decorative dashboard dials modeled to look like a speedometer and oil + fuel indicators, and actual functional flip switches, all crafted from 18K gold. The Rolex and gold details sit on a bespoke titanium case that wraps around the iPhone, with a black PVD finish and gold accents that match the ones on the Rolex Daytona timepiece. Is it elegant? I’ll leave that to you, the beholder, to decide. Is it ridiculously opulent? Well, given that the Caviar Daytona starts at $133,670, I’d probably say yes.

Designer: Caviar

This work of art (?) takes inspiration from Malcolm Campbell, professional racer and the first ambassador of Rolex’s Daytona series. The watch’s visuals pay homage to Campbell and his Blue Bird car, which broke the land speed record in 1928. The back of the Caviar Daytona is an artistic twist on the Blue Bird’s dashboard, showcasing the Rolex Daytona timepiece front and center. On the top, you’ve got artistic sub-dials representing the three main dials seen on a car’s dashboard, and below are 3 flip-switches that can be fidgeted with, but don’t actually do anything. The watch sits there in its entirety, sans the straps, and can be controlled/adjusted using the crown and buttons on the side.

There’s no wonder this limited-edition smartphone costs as much as it does. Sure, Caviar’s entire schtick is to make luxury phones, but the Daytona pushes the limits with 18K gold detailing (including the smartphone’s frame) covered with jewelry-grade enamel. The back panel of the phone uses PVD-coated titanium, arguably giving the iPhone a more happening rear than the front. Although with all those bells and whistles crammed onto the back of the phone, don’t expect it to be able to rest it rear-side-down on any table or flat surface.

As remarkable as the phone is to look at, the Caviar Daytona isn’t designed to be used and carried like your everyday smartphone. That side profile is chaotic at best, and will not easily slip into pockets or handbags. You can forget about cases or even MagSafe chargers/accessories, considering the Rolex Daytona timepiece sits exactly above the wireless charging coil and magnetic ring.

This Frankenstein-mashup of phone and watch from Caviar is limited to just 3 units per variant. There are a total of 8 variants to choose from – 4 storage tiers for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max respectively. The starting price for this limited-edition series begins at $133,670, going up to a whopping $135,420 for the highest tier.