Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids double as potent wireless earbuds

Traditionally a hearing aid and earbuds are worlds apart in their form and function. That notion has been busted long ago with companies offering their hybrid versions – the likes of Sony CRE C10, Bose Sound Control or Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus. The ability to bring crystal clear vocals with auto adjustments based on the ambient noise, such hearing aids are not bad at delivering ear-pleasing audio for music lovers.

Now Sennheiser wants to improve on their initial offering with over-the-counter hearing aids for music lovers who have a bit of a problem hearing people in crowded spaces. The OTC aids come in two versions: All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim. Both of them have a dedicated charging case just like the brand’s flagship Momentum True Wireless earbuds.

Designer: Sennheiser

The announcement of this unique OTC hearing aid cum earbuds is not surprising ever since Sonova, a leading hearing care solutions provider acquired Sennheiser’s consumer audio business in 2021. The All-Day Clear hearing aids are a result of the expertise of both camps and target to attract the tech-savvy crowd.

The hearing aids have been designed keeping in mind the modern-day users who are accustomed to smart features like ANC and transparency mode in the earbuds. On the same lines, Sennheiser has incorporated smart scene detection sensors and processing algorithms that toggle the voice based on the ambient environment. The sound can be customized to the preferred hearing levels via the accompanying app. When you desire to listen to music, you can toggle the mode for an ANC-like input just like regular earbuds.

Sennheiser is promising 16 hours of added battery backup with the charging case on both variants. They are going to be released in mid-July at a starting price tag of $1,400 for the All-Day Clear and $1,500 for the All-Day Clear Slim version. They’ll also come with the added optional in-clinic care package of security consulting with a hearing specialist.