A Boredom-preventing Bone!

Anybody who works full-time away from home knows just how real pet-owner guilt is! It’s so tough to see those puppy dog eyes look at you sadly as you step out the door in the morning. Created with this in mind, the Wickedbone is the first ever dog bone designed to prevent dog boredom!

The chew-friendly, rechargeable unit is shaped like a traditional bone. However, each end is actually a moving “tire” that allows it to roll and roam around the house! This means hours of fun for Fido, whether you set it to interactive mode in which it plays with your pup automatically OR use it remotely with your smartphone app that acts as a joystick! It can move and interact in 9 different ways, so your dog will stay engaged and entertained as it switches things up. Not only great for pets, it’s equally beneficial for pet owners who can rest assure their pet is getting the stimulation it needs even when they aren’t present.

Designer: Cheerble Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $79.00 $109.00.





Click here to Buy Now: $79.00 $109.00.