Your leftover food powers this smart WFH desk!

Furniture ideas are really evolving during quarantine and I am loving that a table brings a lot more to the table than being a table. Never did I think I would come across a clock that was also a table but the world of design always surprises us! Functional furniture is an essential as our lifestyles become more flexible, especially after the pandemic that has taught us to optimize our resources to serve more than one purpose – just like this conceptual work station.

This table is called a Clock and I want you to keep that in mind for the rest of this story. Clock was designed to be compact and fit in the growing trend of smaller living spaces. The designer wanted to create something that seamlessly blended into our workdays (especially when working from home!) without disrupting our office hours or eating habits. The hybrid station converts food waste into energy to power itself wirelessly but also includes the systems to be plugged into a wall if needed. It is an innovative product that combines technology and functionality to sustainably manage waste and encourage more people to shift to natural/renewable energy sources.

When you aren’t working, simply slide the parts back and close the product into a slim bench. In its closed state, only the power icon and energy levels are visible, simply tap the power icon to light up the panel. The smart furniture appliance also has defined heating and cooling areas that are touch-controlled. You can sync your phone with Clock to receive all the important updates and statistics about your hi-tech table. This is an award-winning project that gives us a glimpse of a better future where multi-functional, sustainably powered, and aesthetically sleek products give us the flexible life we crave.

Designer: Yeg Design Studio

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