The ‘Forever’ Air Purifier

We’re at that time in our lives where we’re the most aware about the importance of our health, and the importance of design in nourishing our lives. This resulted in a flurry of wonderfully simple products ranging from fitness devices, to thermostats, to air purifiers that not only fulfill their moral duty of keeping our lives healthy/comfortable, but also being visually in harmony with its objectives. We’re much more likely to trust an air purifier that looks pure, rather than rely solely on reviews.

BRID (a twist on the word breathe), is an air purifier designed to look as clean as the air it releases. Simple, and almost meditative in the way it operates, its vertical design is reminiscent of stacked zen pebbles. Designed in three unique visual styles that echo this simplicity and effectiveness, the BRID has a fundamental yet highly innovative mode of operation. It pulls air from the base, and releases it from the top, and the filters sit in between. You can have a BRID comprising anywhere from 1 to 3 filters, depending on how large your space is, or how low the air quality is. Designed to be no bigger than an A4 sheet, the BRID is the only air purifier that doesn’t need filter replacement. Its filters can be reused over and over again, courtesy a patented NanoCeramic Core that was 13 years in development. This filter can be simply cleaned under a running faucet and reused. It also doesn’t produce Ozone, which most UV based purifiers do. As a result, BRID breaks down Carbon Monoxide, other air-borne pollutants (NO2,NOx, Aerosols), as well as attacking bacteria, and trapping allergens in a manner that is the safest for human breathing as well as for the environment.

BRID, or any purifier, is designed for the present and the future because the air we breathe now, is at perpetual risk (Yosemite, California has the worst Air Quality Index in America at a reading of 210). What BRID does is not just purify the air we breathe. It does so without increasing our consumption of resources by making sure we need and use only one filter. It’s designed to be placed anywhere, including inside one’s car, making sure that wherever it is you go, you only breathe the cleanest and purest air.

Designer: Atellani Design

BUY NOW: $299.00 $599.00












BUY NOW: $299.00 $599.00