Heat for Just 10 Cents a Day!

The Egloo introduces a way to heat your room economically by using candles like never before! The domed system transforms ordinary candles into a serious source of warmth by utilizing the heat-storing qualities of terra cotta. The internal candles heat from within and warm the dome continuously for up to 5 hours. The earthenware material will continue to radiate heat even after the candles have blown out! Jump to the vid —>

Designer: Marco Zagaria


  • Advisorboard says:

    Clean, clever, cost-effective. An absolute champion of a design.
    Massive thumbs up to the designer. Very impressed!

  • luigizanon says:

    where can i buy this?

  • oppi says:

    this is a really different concept. i really like the idea of using a candle for warmth. could we also use the light of the candle? or only the heat? it is still a really clever idea. also showcases the properties of terracotta. love it!

  • Latouffe says:

    Oh my god!!!
    Free meals ? Go to the moon for 1$, with rubber bands !!!! …
    Science anyone ?

  • janice says:

    latouffe, don’t be a troll. this design has been doing the rounds on the internet and i personally think it’s a massively clever idea.

  • bigbadwolfe says:

    SWEET! But tell me, does it heat up to the extent that I might burn my hand if i touch it?

  • janice says:

    maybe. i also believe that terracotta will start blackening after too much exposure to the candle flame.

  • Alexei says:

    Perfect for the horrible weather I’m currently being exposed to… 😉

  • expected this to be on more artsy sites like designtaxi or something. this doesn’t fit the yanko experience.

  • Latouffe says:

    Hey! Because it is somewhere else on the internet, this should be a good idea ?

    This is massively clever ? This Einstein just burn a tea candle to get some heat ! Is that “massively clever” ?

    I am afraid we don’t live on the same planet …

  • jonackisme says:

    here’s a bit of science:
    your candles will give off exactly the same amount of heat with or without that beautiful terra-cotta tealight. a bit less light though

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